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4263702... by Rejean Loyer on 2019-05-25

ecere/gfx/drivers/OpenGL: add horizontal and vertical flipping support to Stretch -- by Jerome

d2a8593... by Jerome St-Louis on 2019-05-24

ecere/com/containers/HashMap: Fixed messed up states after deleting with noRemResize = true

f3780f7... by Jerome St-Louis on 2019-05-22

ecere/com/containers/HashMap: Fixed performance issues with unnecessary resizes when 'noMemResize' is set to true

9d468a7... by Jerome St-Louis on 2019-05-22

deps/curl: Work-around for crash on null p->scheme in findprotocol()

a2ad812... by Jerome St-Louis on 2019-05-22

ecere/Makefile (win32/x32): Fixed using newer 32-bit OpenSSL libraries on Windows

0b2e7a6... by Jerome St-Louis on 2019-05-22

extras/threadedProcessing: Unlocking stage mutex when invoking onTaskCleared()

3f04edf... by Jerome St-Louis on 2019-05-22

HashMap; HashTable: Fixes for proper word size setting

d0b5a19... by Jerome St-Louis on 2019-05-11

ecere/gfx/drivers/GLAB: Fixed issue when last free block is not the end of the allocated memory before expansion

2f5f359... by Jerome St-Louis on 2019-05-11

ecere/gfx/GLAB: Fixed various tricky problems messing up FreeBlockMap
- Was not taking into account resizing invalidating previous block
- Binary search was not quite right and resulted in mixed up blocks
- Also fixed Warning and double glCheckFramebufferStatus()

1dfe35b... by Jerome St-Louis on 2019-05-10

ecere/gfx/drivers/GLAB: Debugging code to check for bad GLMB freed blocks