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dd19974... by Jerome St-Louis on 2016-02-27

ecere/net; compiler/ecs: Distributed Objects Improvements
- Better mutexing around socket reference counting
- Thread awareness when locking/unlocking GuiApplication mutex
- net/Socket: Only setting leftOver to true on non-zero recvBytes

35f7427... by Jerome St-Louis on 2016-07-03

ecere/com/containers/List: Worked around too much memory being allocated
- Added a note regarding Link instantiation allocating too much memory

3bd5c7e... by Jerome St-Louis on 2016-07-03

ecere/gui/Window: MouseMessage(): Avoid overshadowing 'w'

3199cec... by Jerome St-Louis on 2016-07-03

ecere/sys/Thread (Emscripten): Defining 'id' member used by

755db78... by Jerome St-Louis on 2016-03-24

ecere: Clang warning fixes
- Mainly uninitialized warnings

7cdb83d... by Jerome St-Louis on 2016-07-03

ecere/com/instance: (Emscripten) Disabling memory manager

4996a20... by Jerome St-Louis on 2016-04-01

ecere/gui/drivers/Emscripten: Multi-touch support
- Fixed marking mouse events as consumed
- x and y into 'point' in TouchPointerInfo

1dbc0b5... by Jerome St-Louis on 2016-04-01

ecere/ecere.epj: MinEmscripten, Static Changes
- Added MinEmscripten config (No bitmaps, freetype, 3D)
- Static config changes

76020d2... by Jerome St-Louis on 2016-03-11

deps/zlib; eda/SQLite: Tweaks to build with Emscripten

0cc511e... by Jerome St-Louis on 2016-07-03

ecere: Further tweaks for Emscripten