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c9b8318... by Jerome St-Louis on 2018-05-02

ecere/sys: Increased buffer size for retrieving environment
- Fixed isues starting up GDB with long PATH

5497e7b... by Jerome St-Louis on 2018-05-01

ecere: Tweaked Makefile to support alternate versions of OpenSSL

ad219b6... by Jerome St-Louis on 2018-04-30

ecere/gfx/FontResource: Fixed copying all flags

55bfadb... by Jerome St-Louis on 2018-04-17

ecere/sys/JSON: Fixed potential crash on wrong object type

bc04b26... by Jerome St-Louis on 2018-04-06

ecere/gfx3D/Display: Fixes to transparency optimizations
- Support for 32 bit indices & quads

b4d9447... by Jerome St-Louis on 2018-04-06

ecere/gfx/drivers/GLAB: Fixed confusion with current array element buffer

c7ed3fb... by Jerome St-Louis on 2018-04-05

compiler/libec/pass15: (WIP) Fixed issues with private members in base class:struct
- terrainCameraDemo's DNAModel parameters were not being assigned properly
- This partially undoes commit abfa4379c019b2bebc30a54331f0077bbe458208 which intended to fix watches
 and alignment issues, and should be reviewed in light of that original issue ( See #1087 )

76d6e52... by Jerome St-Louis on 2018-04-05

ecere/gfx; samples: Fixed issues related to merging and non-DS-specific meshes
- This resolves crashes and missing DNA model in terrainCameraDemo
- A separate eC compiler fix is also required to fix confusion inheriting from Object class

5c7c544... by Jerome St-Louis on 2018-04-03

ecere/gfx/drivers/OpenGL: UnlockVertices(): Avoid re-allocation
- Added 'memAllocOnly' flag to MeshFeatures to postpone GPU allocation to Unlock()
 (e.g. for processing data in separate thread without GL context)

1a68db3... by Jerome St-Louis on 2018-04-03

ecere/gfx/OpenGL: Support to query GL version; Checks to support GL 1.1
- GLAB: reverted a fix to support using noAB.draw() -- will need to properly address bad 0 buffer higher up...