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bd87e69... by Jerome St-Louis on 2020-09-07

ide/documents/PictureEdit: Fixed color mode menu items; Fixed saving to JPEG crashing

954e180... by Rejean Loyer on 2019-11-24

ide/debugger: set internal breakpoint at __main in order to support C++ debugging on windows.
note: symbol names __do_global_ctors and __do_global_dtors may be of interest for C++.
- Commit tweaked to also add a breakpoint at _start on Linux, as breakpoints were not being set before global constructors were being executed

9b30b84... by Rejean Loyer on 2020-09-06

tarball: remove annoying 'Makefile:533: ARCH: -- adding -Wl,--wrap=fcntl64 to OFLAGS' warning. { can be merged with 31351034344900765ad10fa3291f387422c94b6d }

e7367c2... by Jerome St-Louis on 2020-08-24

ecere/gfx/drivers/GL/MultiDraw: Additional fixes to compile for OpenGL ES 2 / WebGL
- NOTE: Texture array support is not available in OpenGL ES 2 / WebGL

13d81af... by Jerome St-Louis on 2020-08-24

ecere/gfx/Mesh: Fixed invalid usage of GL_RGBA8 on GL ES

c69f001... by Rejean Loyer on 2020-07-23

tarball: add '32' suffix to ecp, ecc, ecs and ear when building for 32bit on 64bit system when RENAME_B32 is specified.

3135103... by Rejean Loyer on 2020-07-22

tarball: fix 32bit compilation issue by skipping version specific libc symbols (pow, log, exp, fcntl@GLIBC_2.2.5 vs fcntl64) using asm() and "wrap" when targetting 32bit on 64bit linux using gcc-multilib.

6f90838... by Rejean Loyer on 2020-07-22

compiler/libec: add version info and how to instructions in make-lexer.bat file.

d8f6613... by Rejean Loyer on 2020-08-03

ide: epj2make: makefile generation: don't use --no-undefined linker flag when __EMSCRIPTEN__ is defined.

27303f0... by Rejean Loyer on 2020-08-03

compiler/ecs: add -no-attribute-common for targetting wasm. workaround "Common symbols are not yet implemented for Wasm" message coming from emscripten-releases\llvm-project\llvm\lib\MC\MCWasmStreamer.cpp's MCWasmStreamer::emitCommonSymbol function.