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68b3a4b... by Jerome St-Louis 17 hours ago

ecere/gfx/drivers/GDI: Really fixed crashes on Windows following freeing 'picture' for null drier in Bitmap::Free()

5763e06... by Jerome St-Louis on 2020-01-21

samples/3D/hello3D: Fixed crash on exit without OnUnloadGraphics()
- NOTE: It is crashing because it gets freed using the associated DisplaySystem, which was already freed
- Since 8b23576294ca09b99a453d1c657ae708aeb1dc05 (Fixes and optimizations for Object merging Dec 2017),
  meshes are not automatically added upon initialization & removed upon destruction of the DisplaySystem.
- Review how this should be handled

e07b423... by Jerome St-Louis on 2020-01-20

ecere/gfx/3D/Mesh;drivers/OpenGL: New ComputeNormals2() taking option whether to also compute tangents; Avoid GL errors for currently unsupported tangents in GLMB/interleaved mode

be4bb00... by Jerome St-Louis on 2020-01-20

ecere/gfx/OpenGL/glab:GLMB: 'keepSameBufferID' option to specify whether to require maintaining same buffer ID after a resize (defaults to true -- maintaining id)
- When set to false, a duplicate allocation and a whole copy can be avoided

a4ebcd0... by Jerome St-Louis on 2020-01-20

ecere/gfx/Mesh; OpenGL: Automatically freeing buffer sections when using GLM(E)AB; Properly checking allocate() failure

10a68fc... by Jerome St-Louis on 2020-01-20

ecere/gfx/drivers/OpenGL:CheckGLErrors() Taking file and line number for debugging (__FILE__, __LINE__)

aabcba0... by Jerome St-Louis on 2020-01-20

ecere/gfx/Object: Added new Duplicate2() method with option whether to takw ownership
- If the object or children being duplicated own the mesh, its ownership will be moved to the new copy

4dcdd0d... by Jerome St-Louis on 2020-01-20

ecere/gfx/drivers/GL/glab: Avoid problems resizing past 4 gb

6acbac7... by Jerome St-Louis on 2020-01-20

ecere/gfx/Bitmap: Fixed leaks in ProcessDD(); deleting picture if driver is null
- Including fix for original commit crashing on Windows GDI driver

21a08a7... by Jerome St-Louis on 2020-01-20

butterbur/GLMultiDraw: proper types for baseVertex/Index for freeing, skipping -1