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9664e46... by Jerome St-Louis on 2016-06-22

bindings: Picture, Anchor
- Also fixed crashes on clicking button then closing second window

5057938... by Jerome St-Louis on 2016-06-22

bindings/c,cpp,python: More support
- python: Support for callbacks, FontResource
- Added parameter to eC_init to specify whether loading Ecere
- This prevents two copies being loaded, which was breaking OpenGL fonts on GL driver class equality

42ce0d6... by Jerome St-Louis on 2016-06-18

bindings/python: printLn() variadic example

691ecdf... by Jerome St-Louis on 2016-06-18

bindings/c;python: Added caption properties; Window::Create(); background color

b46dce4... by Jerome St-Louis on 2016-06-18

bindings/python: Initial bindings attempts for Python

a8a11d9... by Jerome St-Louis on 2016-06-01

bindings: Fixed console/unix app; Made globals local to main()

2352142... by Jerome St-Louis on 2016-06-01

bindings/cpp/samples: Added sample without macros
- Lacking eC registration however...
- Also fixed APP_SET_ARGS macro not using argument for app

e0f7f42... by Jerome St-Louis on 2016-06-01

bindings: Fixed support for C++ instantiating objects from eC
- Opted to replace defining PSELF macro by extra parameter for set/get macros
- Tweaked SELF macro to include a 0x10 offset to avoid offsetof warnings on older MinGW/GCC
- ecs: Fixed both eC and C++ source files in the project (Using eC main definition in that case,
   but not re-creating Application object; Defining __thisModule in eC.c for C/C++ only module)
- ecere/com/instance: Added eInstance_NewEx() with extra parameter to specify whether bindings construction still needs to be done
- Added 'bindingsClass' member to Class to use for bindings instead of data (Windows do make use of 'data' for class_data); Fixed class definition of Class and BinaryTree
- Commented out conflicting _strtoi64/_strtoui64
- Fixed enum declarations on non-C++11 (though the code still uses a lot of C++11 only features like constructor delegation)
- Fixed MAIN_DECLARATION to be 'extern "C" to work on older MinGW/GCC
- Overriding new and delete to able able to link without STL
- ecere/com/dataTypes: Fixed const_ness of Print* functions's typed_object parameter

bd38bdb... by Jerome St-Louis on 2016-05-31

bindings: Base methods support in Instance class

7b6c87d... by Jerome St-Louis on 2016-05-30

bindings: Instance::onCompare()