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5a1ac39... by Rejean Loyer on 2017-08-31

bgen/py: (WIP) fix for conflicting 'print' symbol. fix missing outside class conversions. fix struct constructor initialization. fix impl reference issues. fix missing arg reassigning to impl. fix callback return type and return.

264266c... by Rejean Loyer on 2017-08-22

bgen/py: variadic

3ceb7ba... by Rejean Loyer on 2017-08-07

bgen/py: fix functions returning a nohead class are missing return

28d06f6... by Rejean Loyer on 2017-08-02

bgen: add TypeInfo argument to Gen::allocMacroSymbolName(...) virtual method.

04825df... by Rejean Loyer on 2017-08-02

bgen: fix TypeInfo was always supposed to be a struct.

ce59c5e... by Rejean Loyer on 2017-08-02

bgen/py: fix omittable const struct last arguments like region here Window::Update(const Box region)

4d98a10... by Rejean Loyer on 2017-08-29

bindings/py: improve python bindings makefiles to be more cross-platform.

e3e4cc1... by Kevin Cole on 2017-08-27

bindings/py: fix some issues with python bindings makefiles.

dcda209... by Rejean Loyer on 2017-08-30

tarball: add (C, C++ and Python) bindings targets and makefiles. update .gitignore to include generated bindings files for C, C++ and Python. fix distclean to remove python intermediate files.

950af34... by Rejean Loyer on 2017-08-24

bgen: add quiet option.