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2bd87e4... by Jelmer Vernooij on 2018-09-11


ba11076... by Colin Watson on 2018-08-20

Fail to configure if flex is needed but missing

Fixes Savannah bug #54541.

* configure.ac: Issue an error if AC_PROG_LEX didn't find a lexer
generator and either src/lexgrog.c or src/zsoelim.c is missing (as may
be the case when building from a git clone rather than a released

318f123... by Colin Watson on 2018-08-02

Fix warning from gcc -Wcast-function-type

This exposed the fact that errors from unlink in the cleanup path were
previously ignored. We now issue a warning in the same way that
commit_tmp_cat does.

* src/man.c (cleanup_unlink): New function.
(open_cat_stream, close_cat_stream, display_catman): Use cleanup_unlink
rather than an incorrect cast of unlink.

dd0f554... by Colin Watson on 2018-08-02

Fix build with Berkeley DB

Fixes Savannah bug #54425.

* libdb/db_btree.c: Include <stdlib.h> for free.

6cc2190... by Colin Watson on 2018-07-27

Update advertised file size

* docs/man-db.lsm (Primary-site): Update file size.

22e47d7... by Colin Watson on 2018-07-27

* Version: 2.8.4.

c448672... by Colin Watson on 2018-07-27

Work around Gnulib/gettext mismatch

The versions of gettext infrastructure files installed by gnulib-tool
don't necessarily match our configured AM_GNU_GETTEXT_VERSION, so we
need to fix things up in bootstrap.

* bootstrap.conf (gnulib_tool_option_extras): Set --po-base to gl/ref-po
rather than gnulib/po.
(bootstrap_post_import_hook): Merge temporary gl/ref-po directory into

2f29c25... by Colin Watson on 2018-07-27

Upgrade to Gnulib 20180726

* bootstrap: Sync to Gnulib 900ca5c0b092e50f9f17329feea3fbfe2b6e2139.
* bootstrap.conf (GNULIB_REVISION): Set to

0a1703c... by Colin Watson on 2018-07-18

Distribute man/es/translator.add

* man/es/Makefile.am (EXTRA_DIST): Add translator.add.

7582fb9... by Colin Watson on 2018-07-16

sandbox: Improve ESET compatibility further

* lib/sandbox.c (make_seccomp_filter): If libesets_pac.so is preloaded,
then allow msgset (second argument 0) and msgsnd.
* NEWS: Document this.