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3ad3d61... by Jelmer Vernooij

Add stash push.

537b242... by Jelmer Vernooij

Add basic Stash class.

2565870... by Jelmer Vernooij

Fix 'remote add' command.

53d9830... by Jelmer Vernooij

Support the http.sslVerify and http.sslCAInfo configuration options.

Drop dependency on urllib3[secure]; just depend on certifi.

af335a0... by Jelmer Vernooij

Avoid mucking with SSL module internals from Dulwich.

Before Python 2.7.9, the `ssl` module lacks SNI support and may lag
behind in security updates. The recommended approach by `urllib3` is to
use pyOpenSSL as a replacement for those versions. It will
issue `InsecurePlatformWarning` and `SNIMissingWarning` when
run on old ssl module versions, allowing the user to take this action.

This avoids a hard dependency on pyopenssl and friends from Dulwich.

994bfa2... by Jelmer Vernooij

Add a dulwich[https] extra that depends on urllib3[secure].

This currently doesn't install anything extra, but may in the future.

00cfddf... by Jelmer Vernooij

Move handling of index building error conditions to iter_fresh_entries.

f3b3137... by Jelmer Vernooij

Factor out index_entry_from_path, add iter_fresh_objects.

e72fe07... by Jelmer Vernooij

Factor out read_submodule_head.

01eb67e... by Jelmer Vernooij

Ignore .pyo files.