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445a546... by KLEIN Stéphane

* Now PreReceiveShellHook configure GIT_DIR environ variable
* Append PostReceiveShellHook

5318059... by KLEIN Stéphane

Fix stupid bug, hooks is in repo object

6876b9b... by KLEIN Stéphane

Use try except instead exists method in PreReceiveShellHook class

8b39071... by KLEIN Stéphane

Some fix around PreReceiveSheelHook #214

* Remove debug print
* Remove .git in filepath
* now PreReceiveShellHook is initialized in hooks dict
* now PreReceiveShellHook send all refs to hook stdin
* now all ref are presents in status when hook fail
* append PreReceiveShellHook test

bc13d79... by KLEIN Stéphane

Execute pre-receive hook

b98bf53... by David Keijser <email address hidden>

swift: access sha of object using public attribute

985dfb8... by Jelmer Vernooij

Merge branch 'python2.6', which reintroduces python2.6 support.

If you care about Python 2.6, please let me know and please do report
when you see breakage on python2.6.

db00200... by Gary van der Merwe

Merge branch 'python2.6'

* python2.6:
  Add NEWS entry.
  Spelling Fix.
  Don't use ConfigParser(allow_no_value=True) as it's not supported on Python2.6
  Add unittest2 to tests_require on python2.6
  Fix version check.
  Fix travis on python2.6
  Reintroduce Python2.6 support.

2cb9191... by Mike Edgar <email address hidden>

client: allow send_pack callers to override how packs are emitted

Sometimes, a client will already have a pack computed for the
(have, want) negotiated with the server. Rather than re-compute the
pack each time, we could instead allow the send_pack caller to handle
writing pack data themselves.

This patch leaves much of the send_pack structure intact by using
write_pack_objects as the default write strategy.

547bcb9... by Gary van der Merwe

Add NEWS entry.