Last commit made on 2020-05-10
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dcced7e... by Jelmer Vernooij

Move tests for merge base out into unittest classes.

9329be1... by kevinhendricks <email address hidden>

Add merge_base module.

1d7b2db... by Jelmer Vernooij

Add some tests for merge base and merge.

ad368fb... by Jelmer Vernooij

Add test for find_merge_base.

3a62248... by Jelmer Vernooij

Pass along file_merger argument.

2741be5... by Jelmer Vernooij

Allow passing in a repository location to dulwich.porcelain.merge().

3be7731... by Jelmer Vernooij

Import some fixes from Kevin's branch.

751be68... by Jelmer Vernooij

Don't pass in other twice. Thanks, Kevin.

57e4899... by Jelmer Vernooij

Add some more of the skeleton for merge.

8c4801f... by Jelmer Vernooij

Add basic function for finding merge base, currently a wrapper around C Git.