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72fd323... by Risto Kankkunen

Fix a hang of SSH pull on Windows.

The method GitClient._handle_upload_pack_head() could hang when it repeatedly
called write_pkt_line() and didn't call read_pkt_line() in between. This would
cause the output buffer to fill up when the server didn't accept any more input
since it was waiting for the client to consume its output.

This situation was caused because SubprocessWrapper.can_read() was always
returning false! The method is implemented by calling PeekNamedPipe() and
comparing the "lpBytesLeftThisMessage" value against zero. MSDN says:

    lpBytesLeftThisMessage [out, optional]

    A pointer to a variable that receives the number of bytes remaining in this
    message. This parameter will be zero for byte-type named pipes or for
    anonymous pipes. This parameter can be NULL if no data is to be read.

Since the code is used only with byte-type anonymous pipes, this function is
documented to always return zero in this parameter.

This bug was introduced in commit d118a8fa1d9203a964ab807bfb4d3c6e311a7c9c:

    date: Fri Jul 01 16:26:01 2011 +0200
    user: Jelmer Vernooij <email address hidden>
    summary: Fix use of SubprocessWrapper on Windows.

The fix is to use the return value of lpTotalBytesAvail:

    lpTotalBytesAvail [out, optional]

    A pointer to a variable that receives the total number of bytes available to
    be read from the pipe. This parameter can be NULL if no data is to be read.

b61886c... by Jelmer Vernooij

Some cleanup.

Remove untested and only once used mkdir argument to Repo.init_bare.
Remove unused import, trailing whitespace.

907c88f... by diryboy

Implement LocalGitClient.send_pack

2d624bf... by Jelmer Vernooij

Port hooks to python3.

4040fb7... by Jelmer Vernooij

Revert "Implement LocalGitClient.send_pack"

This reverts commit aa85525c626c70874fbcc66e28b76be7e3e62ac3. I
accidentally pushed this.

aa85525... by diryboy

Implement LocalGitClient.send_pack

5faf107... by Yuval Langer

Minor typo correction

Signed-off-by: Jelmer Vernooij <email address hidden>

2fc8f61... by Jelmer Vernooij

Update NEWS.

9d73c23... by Hwee Miin

Fix issue #247 'TypeError when fetching empty updates into MemoryRepo' by adding check for _num_objects is None when iterating pack data.

a01b60f... by Jelmer Vernooij

Prevent duplicate parsing of legacy object files.