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0370a89... by Jelmer Vernooij

Simplify walker implementations.

1f05e25... by Jelmer Vernooij

Fix no-done constants.

6f09160... by Jelmer Vernooij

Remove unnecessary helper.

1cf8271... by Jelmer Vernooij

Fix python3.

60dcb5c... by Tommy Yu <email address hidden>

Improve the no-done behavior unit tests

- Make them more comprensive and have the dummy walker class record a
  a bit more things for verification.

feb43fc... by Tommy Yu <email address hidden>

Remove the last vestige of that poorly named flag.

- Also no longer necessary as the Impl instances track a bit more things

919ab3c... by Tommy Yu <email address hidden>

Change the unrelated graph test to fetch only

- This removes the need to generate new commits with a test
- Also clarify the relevant section of code this affects.

8964e26... by Tommy Yu <email address hidden>

Not using property as per upstream requirement.

78ab4aa... by Tommy Yu <email address hidden>

Cleaned up minor bits of code and comments.

4697ca5... by Tommy Yu <email address hidden>

Oh, right, that config

- CI services will likely have those blank and break merging.