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97494ee... by Brian Murray

debian/control Fix a typo.

43e5914... by Scott Moser

releasing package cloud-initramfs-tools version 0.47ubuntu1

b18bc76... by Scott Moser

update changelog

4f55c92... by Ryan Harper

overlayroot: overwrite existing fstab when overlayrootifying fstab

The previous fix for handling missing fstab refactored out the initial
write to ${ROOTMNT}/etc/fstab which emitted the overlayroot fstab
header (clobbering any existing fstab that was in the rootfs). Now
the header is generated in overlayrootify_fstab; and the output was
*appended* which worked when the write was in two stages (header +
contents); Now that the header is generated with the content the
output must clobber the target file.

2d441a8... by Scott Moser

releasing package cloud-initramfs-tools version 0.46ubuntu1

cdeb486... by Scott Moser

update changelog

aea2ecf... by Scott Moser

overlayroot: initialize /etc/fstab if root does not have one and read-only

A root filesystem may not have an /etc/fstab. That could be for either:
a.) not needed - the kernel command line has root mount options and no
  other filesystems are mounted.
b.) system has systemd.mounts - this is currently not supported by

If the kernel command line contains 'ro', then overlayroot will
correctly leave root mounted 'ro'. The problem was that without an
/etc/fstab, systemd would not remount the root filesystem rw, and
thus failure would ensue.

The change here is to initialize an fstab in the case that the root
filesystem did not contain one, *and* 'ro' is present on the cmdline.
In cases where 'ro' is not present, then overlayroot will leave /
mounted as rw, so systemd does not need to remount rw.

LP: #1890803

a7bf788... by Scott Moser

releasing package cloud-initramfs-tools version 0.45ubuntu1

c792d0f... by Scott Moser

update changelog

adb0d6c... by Scott Moser

Add dependency on flock for growroot's use of growpart.

growpart was modified to use flock, so we have to make sure that
that gets put into the initramfs or growroot module won't work.

LP: #1834875