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Jeffery To (jefferyto) wrote :

Hi Kevin,

Given the current technical constraints, I agree with the decision to disable hiberation by default. However, I think it would be helpful to be reminded that this decision stems from a technical limitation, that hibernation doesn't work reliably enough on untested machines. I don't think anyone is saying that users should be prevented from using hibernation (given that it works) under all circumstances.

(Whether there should menu options for suspend only, hybrid sleep only, suspend and hibernate, etc. is a separate usability / UX question, and one I don't particularly want to wander into right now :-) )

I believe the question regarding this merge request is whether we want to help those users that want to try to get hibernation working on their machines.

(With the current reasoning, one could argue that the documentation should not teach users how to install additional software, since we have already chosen a default set of applications for them. I don't believe anyone would want to make this argument though :-) )

I think the current documentation is very helpful; it explains why hibernation is disabled by default, and instructs those users that still want it to first test if it works on their machine, and if it works, how to re-enable it permanently. All that's missing is instructions that actually work :-)

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