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Jeffery To (jefferyto) wrote :

> Thanks for your work. Does it make sense to separate "upower" and "logind"
> there?

I only copied the relevant sections from /var/lib/polkit-1/localauthority/10-vendor.d/com.ubuntu.desktop.pkla, and changed "Disable" to "Re-enable" and "no" to "yes". I guess my thinking (if there was any) was that it would be easier to see how these policies overrode the defaults.

> It's likely that most users don't know what those are, they probably
> want a "re-enable hibernate" which includes all the steps in one section...
> If we keep the technical names we should at least explain what's the
> difference/what is going to be impacted by each

I suspect most users would copy-and-paste the text as-is, without considering whether it is in one section or two.

I'm also not familiar enough with upower and logind to say what is the difference between them or how they interact with the rest of the system. (Perhaps there can be links to more information about these, and even for polkit, as these topics seem tangential to this page.)

I don't have any strong feelings on this (my only concern was getting hibernate to work), so just let me know what changes to make and I'll make them :-)

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