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eaeae27... by Jamie Strandboge

debian/control: update Vcs for branch rename

8c062e8... by Jamie Strandboge

update for 0.36.1-3ubuntu1

b988318... by Jamie Strandboge

Merge tag 'debian/0.36.1-3' into ubuntu/master

ufw Debian 0.36.1-3

89cdc51... by Jamie Strandboge

Merge tag 'debian/0.36-7.1' into ubuntu/master

ufw Debian 0.36-7.1

438e017... by Jamie Strandboge

release 0.36.1-3

* debian/ufw.service (LP: #1726856, Closes: 990834):
  - use Before and Wants on network-pre.target. Per systemd documentation,
    "network-pre.target is a target that may be used to order services
    before any network interface is configured. Its primary purpose is for
    usage with firewall services". Because network-pre.target is a passive
    unit, "services that want to be run before the network is configured
    should place Before=network-pre.target and also set
    Wants=network-pre.target to pull it in"
  - remove DefaultDependencies=no so that we pull in default dependencies
    for "basic system initialization". While ufw is meant to come up before
    networking, there is no reason why it shouldn't come up after sysinit.
    This should help make ufw startup more robust on systems that need
    something from sysinit.

6bf7a0b... by Jamie Strandboge

debian/upstream/metadata: add Bug-Submit and Bug-Database

e149633... by Jamie Strandboge

rename python3-versions.diff as 0003-python3-versions.patch

934407f... by Jamie Strandboge

set default policy after loading rules. Thanks Mauricio Faria de Oliveira

7b8d7bc... by Jamie Strandboge

release 0.36.1-1

* New upstream release (LP: #1808463, LP: #1831186, LP: #1838764,
  LP: #1556419, LP: #1933117). Drop the following (included upstream):
  - 0002-fix-check-requirements.patch
  - 0003-lp1838764.patch
  - 0004-make-root-tests-chain-order-agnostic.patch
  - 0005-use-only-python3.patch
  - 0006-bug921680.patch
  - 0007-bug921680-pt2.patch
  - 0008-fix-check-requirements-again.patch
  - 0009-empty-non-functioning-ipt-modules.patch
  - 0010-add-other-firewall-checks.patch
  - 0011-suppress-legacy-warnings-in-tests.patch
  - 0012-pyflakes3.patch
  - 0013-add-prepend-to-help.patch
* Remaining changes:
  - 0001-optimize-boot.patch
  - python3-versions.diff

[ Jamie Strandboge ]
* ufw.lintian-overrides:
  - remove init.d-script-possible-missing-stop override
  - adjust "allow to" override
  - override spare-manual-page for ufw-framework as it gives additional
    details for the ufw command
* 0002-fix-copyright.patch: src/ufw: update copyright year
* debian/*: use my <email address hidden> email address

[ Debian Janitor ]
* Use secure copyright file specification URI.
* Use set -e rather than passing -e on the shebang-line.
* Set upstream metadata fields: Repository, Repository-Browse.
* Update watch file format version to 4.

[ Bastian Triller ]
* debian/ufw.logrotate: use rsyslog-rotate instead of invoke-rc.d
  (Closes: 993525)

1f1dddd... by Jamie Strandboge

update sources to 0.36.1