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e20db88... by Jamie Strandboge

systemd.example: remove DefaultDependencies=no

The systemd unit has historically always used DefaultDependencies=no.
When only Before=network.target was used, the dependencies (as seen with
'systemctl list-dependencies ufw.service') were:


When Before=network.target was changed to Before=network-pre.target and
Wants=network-pre.target, this became:


Removing DefaultDependencies=no (DefaultDependencies defaults to 'yes')
pulls in the sysinit.target which changes this to (on a Debian 11


While ufw is meant to come up before networking, there is no reason why
it shouldn't come up after 'basic system initialization is
completed'[1]. This should help make ufw startup more robust on systems
that need something from sysinit.


a98a617... by Jamie Strandboge

systemd.example: add Conflicts on various firewall software

Problems with ufw start most often have to do with other firewall
software getting in the way. Take a page from firewalld's systemd unit
and add a Conflicts on iptables, ip6tables, nftables and firewalld

aa375e9... by Jamie Strandboge

systemd.example: add Documentation and put Before before Wants (cosmetic)

a0a5ed9... by Jamie Strandboge

src/ufw-init-functions: add another default policy comment

900f5eb... by Jamie Strandboge

update ChangeLog for last commit

c743cc1... by Mauricio Faria de Oliveira

src/ufw-init-functions: set default policy after loading rules

If default input policy of DROP (default setting in ufw) is set
before loading rules to allow a network root filesystem to work,
it freezes before loading them, and the boot process stalls.

Just set default policy after loading rules, as the snippet for
ip[6]tables-restore has -n/--noflush, which doesn't flush other
rules in the builtin chains.

The output of iptables -L is identical before/after.


Signed-off-by: Mauricio Faria de Oliveira <email address hidden>

d857d50... by Jamie Strandboge

src/ufw: update copyright year

8108e8d... by Jamie Strandboge

ChangeLog,setup.py,snapcraft.yaml: rev to 0.36.2

c5bab50... by Jamie Strandboge

release 0.36.1

6eb539b... by Jamie Strandboge

update man pages for newer dates and remove email address