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677370b... by Jamie Strandboge

debian/control: update Vcs for branch rename

a3e6181... by Jamie Strandboge

release 0.36.2-5

[ Helmut Grohne ]
* Install aliased files to /usr. (Closes: #1063695)

[ Jamie Strandboge ]
* debian/config
  - remove ancient check for /var/lib/ufw
  - set USER_PATH to /etc/ufw (user*.rules have been in /etc since 0.35-1
    which broke the has_existing() check)
* debian/ufw.postinst: remove no longer needed OLD_USER_PATH migration from
  /lib/ufw to /etc/ufw (user*.rules have been in /etc since 0.35-1)
* debian/ufw.postrm: remove no longer needed OLD_USER_PATH removal from
  /lib/ufw (user*.rules have been in /etc since 0.35-1)
* debian/ufw.prerm: /lib/ufw -> /usr/lib/ufw
* debian/ufw.init: /lib/ufw -> /usr/lib/ufw
* debian/ufw.service: /lib/ufw -> /usr/lib/ufw
* debian/tests/test-ufw.py: /lib/ufw -> /usr/lib/ufw

6540376... by Jamie Strandboge

release 0.36.2-4

* debian/test/control: install python3-setuptools instead of
  python3-distutils (LP: #2051540)

eae6f81... by Jamie Strandboge

release 0.36.2-3

* 0003-fix-syntax-warnings-with-python312.patch: fix syntax warnings from
  python 3.12
* 0004-fix-manpage-font.patch: adjust doc/ufw.8 to properly use bold font

7dadf2d... by Jamie Strandboge

release 0.36.2-2

* 0002-fix-tests-with-python312.patch: tests/unit: update to use
  assertEqual for python 3.12 (LP: #2051540, Closes: 1061763)

d053868... by Jamie Strandboge

debian/changelog: update for last commit

6297f78... by Jamie Strandboge

Add 0002-fix-tests-with-python312.patch

6fc4a05... by Jamie Strandboge

release 0.36.2-1

* New upstream release (LP: #1946804, LP: #1927737, LP: #1927734,
  LP: #2015645, LP: #1996636, LP: #1965462, LP: #1951018, Closes: 1034568,
  Closes: 1034119). Drop the following (included upstream):
  - 0002-fix-copyright.patch
  - 0003-python3-versions.patch
  - 0004-set-default-policy-after-load.patch
* Remaining changes:
  - 0001-optimize-boot.patch
* add new debian/po/ro.po. Thanks Remus-Gabriel Chelu (Closes: 1033758)
* debian/control:
  - Breaks with iptables-persistent and netfilter-persistent. When ufw is
    installed, it is not enabled by default, so it doesn't interfere with
    other firewall software (until it is enabled). In contrast,
    iptables-persistent and netfilter-persistent install enabled, which
    interferes with ufw. Add a breaks on these to avoid them being
    co-installed with ufw (and causing problems for users).
  - use Python-Version instead of XB-Python-Version
  - remove Depends on obsolete lsb-base
* ufw.lintian-overrides:
  - update for breaks-without-version iptables-persistent and
  - update for newer lintian

b41dfe8... by Jamie Strandboge

update source to 0.36.2

126e2a8... by Jamie Strandboge

debian/changelog: update for last commit