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6870. By Jamie Strandboge on 2014-06-24

debian/usr.sbin.ofonod: more closely mimic unconfined with exec transitions

6869. By Jamie Strandboge on 2014-06-24

debian/usr.sbin.ofonod: remove unused and unneeded rild peer

6868. By Jamie Strandboge on 2014-06-24

 * add lenient AppArmor profile to restrict DBus connections with ofono to
   specific services (LP: #1296415)
   - add debian/usr.sbin.ofonod
   - debian/control: Build-Depends on dh-apparmor
   - debian/rules: update override_dh_installdeb to use dh_apparmor
   - debian/ofono.dirs: add etc/apparmor.d
   - debian/ofono.install: install profile in to place
   - debian/ofono.upstart: update to load AppArmor profile

6867. By Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre on 2014-05-29

releasing package ofono version 1.12.bzr6868+14.10.20140513.1-0ubuntu2

6866. By Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre on 2014-05-29

debian/control: don't conflict with modemmanager.

6865. By PS Jenkins bot on 2014-05-13

Releasing 1.12.bzr6868+14.10.20140513.1-0ubuntu1

6864. By Tony Espy on 2014-05-13

This is a dummy commit message that should be overriden by the changelog included in the merge source branch. Fixes: 1314143

6863. By PS Jenkins bot on 2014-05-01

Releasing 1.12.bzr6858+14.10.20140501-0ubuntu1

6862. By Tony Espy on 2014-05-01

[ Tony Espy ]
* build, gril, rilmodem, plugins/ril, test: call-forwarding support

[ Alfonso Sanchez-Beato ]
* build, gril, plugins/rildev: dynamic plugin loading for ril-type modems
  The new rildev plugin reads an environment variable to determine which   device plugin
  to load ( defaults to the standard ril plugin ).
* build, gril, plugins/ril, rilmodem, unit: radio-settings support
  Allow radio technology ( ie. use 2G-only ) preference to be configured.

[ Tony Espy ]
* test: update remaining test scripts to Python 3
* build, src, plugins, src/gprs: add MMS support
  Added new android-provision plugin and associated -apndb code
  to provision GPRS and MMS contexts using apns-conf.xml as the primary
  provisioning database, while mobile-broadband-provider-info is still
  queried in order to pickup additional Apns. Also added support for
  combined Internet/MMS contexts by allowing MMS specific properties
  to be set for OFONO_GPRS_CONTEXT_TYPE_INTERNET contexts.

[ Alfonso Sanchez-Beato ]
* rilmodem/ussd: Fix USSD Initiate hang (LP: #1299227 )
* gril, rilmodem, unit: add SIM write support
  This allows ofono's core call-forwarding and message-waiting logic
  to update persistent state on the SIM, in order to preserve it across
* build, gril, include, plugins, src, drivers/mtkmodem, drivers/rilmodem: add MTK support
  This change adds support for MTK-ril modems without breaking compatibility
  with AOSP-ril modems.
* examples, include, plugins, src: support for gid type MVNOs in Android APN database
* gril, rilmodem: fix for call redirections (LP: #1239869)
  This fix checks and ignores a Qualcomm specific error
  code that indicates a call has been re-directed by an
  operator while roaming.
* build, gril, rilmodem, unit: add call-barring support
* gril, mtkmodem, rilmodem, unit: MTK followup changes
  This change adds unit tests for MTK specific messages.
  It also consolidates parsing logic for parsing data
  call lists, which is a valid payload for multiple message
  types. Finally, the deactivate data call logic on start-
  up has been re-worked to query the active calls before
  attempting to deactivate any.
* src/smsutil: use UTF-16 instead of UCS-2 (LP: #1269017)
  If an incoming SMS is indicated to be UCS-2, use UTF-16
  instead to decode so that emoji's ( which use larger
  codepoints than can be encoded in UCS-2 ) are properly

[ Jussi Pakkanen ]
* phonesim: add a DBus control interface
  This control interface has been added in order to make
  phonesime more flexible for auto-pilot testing of
  Touch's network-indicator code.

[ Alfonso Sanchez-Beato ]
* android-apndb.c/-provision.c: fix string comparisions
  Change all usage of g_str_equal() to g_strcmp0(). This
  fixes a crash that may happen if the SIM doesn't contain
  a SPN file.
* gril: switch process to radio user
  Temporarily switch ofono's effective uid and gid during
  startup to that of the radio user to allow connection
  to the rild socket.
* gril, rilmodem/sim, unit: retrieve SIM PIN retries (LP: #1206941)
  Read PIN retires from ENTER-PIN reply if available.

[ Tony Espy ]
* gril, rilmodem,unit: fix data_call reply error
  Fix a parse error with setup_data_call replies. Also
  re-worked SETUP_DATA_CALL to use the current registered
  data tech value. Optimized gprs-context to only register
  for DATA_CALL_LIST_CHANGED events if the context is
  being actively used.

[ Alfonso Sanchez-Beato ]
* src/smsutil, unit: allow concatenated UTF-16 SMS
  This change properly handles split surrogate pairs
  in concatenated SMSes, as this can now happen now
  that UTF-16 is used instead of UCS-2 for decoding
  SMS messages that specify UCS-2 encoding.

6861. By PS Jenkins bot on 2014-03-18

Releasing 1.12.bzr6858+14.04.20140318-0ubuntu1

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