Code review comment for lp:~jbicha/ubuntu-docs/lp969235-ctrl-super-keyboard-shortcuts

David Planella (dpm) wrote :

Sounds sensible to me. However, that will break quite a lot of existing translations. In order to avoid it, if you apply this change, could you please:

1. Apply the s/Meta/Super/g substitution to the .pot file and all the .po files in the precise-translations docs branch [1] (both in the msgid and msgstr fields)
2. Merge the precise-translations branch with trunk (*), so that Launchpad can import the new translations

Let me know if we can help with any of this.


(*) I've noticed Launchpad changes the directory layout on the precise-translations branch to be a flat listing of PO files, which means the merge probably won't work. Then I'd simply suggest fetching the files from the branch, putting them in the right place in the trunk branch and committing.


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