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Proposed by Jeremy Bicha
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Approved by: Alberto Mardegan
Approved revision: 146
Merged at revision: 146
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Don't have libsignon-glib1 depend on signond

Description of the change

Without this change, evolution-data-server 3.8 depends on libsignon-glib1 which forces Ubuntu GNOME (and any other Ubuntu-based GNOME image) to pull in signond which pulls in signon-ui and lots of Qt libraries including libqtwebkit.

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Jeremy Bicha (jbicha) wrote :

You're going to need to land something like in the Ubuntu archive before this lands.

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Alberto Mardegan (mardy) wrote :

Hi Jeremy, while I understand the reasons, I don't agree on the solution: libsignon-glib is totally useless without signond, and moving the dependency can potentially break other packages (such as unity scopes). It's true that moving the dependency on the gnome-control-center-signon will effectively make everything work fine in Ubuntu, but it's still a hack.

I'd recommend another approach: since the UOA integration with evolution has been nicely developed as a pluggable module, I recommend to split it out into a separate "evolution-data-server-ubuntu-online-accounts" package (or you can find a better name :-)) and put the file


inside this separate package. Then only this package can depend on libsignon-glib (and libaccounts-glib).
You might also want to do the same for the goa module, and then maybe evolution-data-server could recommend (evolution-data-server-ubuntu-online-accounts | evolution-data-server-gnome-online-accounts), or some tricks of this kind.

Let me know what you think (maybe you already considered this and discarded for some reason?).

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Jeremy Bicha (jbicha) wrote :

The problem is that building evolution-data-server against libsignon-glib-dev adds an automatic dependency on libsignon-glib1. I do think this is the cleanest way to solve this problem.

Unity (and Unity scopes or UOA plugins) can still explicitly depend on signond but it's too much for things like Empathy, Evolution Data Server, and Shotwell to hard-depend on tens of MB of Qt libraries for an optional feature. libwebqtwebkit4 alone is over 30 MB.

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Ken VanDine (ken-vandine) wrote :

If you split the module out into a separate binary, the depends should only end up on that binary.

146. By Jeremy Bicha

Don't have libsignon-glib1 depend on signond (LP: #1191522)

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Jeremy Bicha (jbicha) wrote :

mardy, since the other half of bug 1191522 has now landed in Saucy, can this be approved too?

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Alberto Mardegan (mardy) wrote :

Absolutely. Thanks!

review: Approve
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1=== modified file 'debian/control'
2--- debian/control 2013-06-05 11:47:45 +0000
3+++ debian/control 2013-06-10 17:06:27 +0000
4@@ -43,8 +43,7 @@
5 Architecture: any
6 Pre-Depends: ${misc:Pre-Depends}
7 Depends: ${shlibs:Depends},
8- ${misc:Depends},
9- signond,
10+ ${misc:Depends}
11 Description: library for signond
12 .
13 This package contains shared libraries to be used by applications.


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