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wip/ubuntu-zesty 2016-12-17 05:09:02 UTC 2016-12-17
apt: Adopt system packages

Author: Iain Lane
Author Date: 2016-12-06 13:22:46 UTC

apt: Adopt system packages

Previously the PackageKit plugin would set the management plugin on
GsApps and we wanted to install those, but this doesn't happen any more.
Now we need to set the management plugin when adopting GsApps.

We conflict with PackageKit, so there should be no issue here.


master 2016-12-16 08:31:04 UTC 2016-12-16
Update Friulian translation

Author: Fabio Tomat
Author Date: 2016-12-16 08:31:04 UTC

Update Friulian translation

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