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cc0e6e1... by Jarno Suni on 2017-08-05

Give user an option to continue in case update from some irrelevant
source will fail.

4b42b42... by Jarno Suni on 2017-05-01

Ubuntu 12.04 is no more supported

89b15ea... by Jarno Suni on 2017-01-04

Update some debian files.

fef559f... by Jarno Suni on 2017-01-03

Improve completing verbose option.

Besides do not be fooled to think that distribution argument is
given, if only an argument for verbose option is given as a separate

a14bb53... by Jarno Suni on 2016-12-31

Use temporary directory. Optimize creating REVERTS list for Precise.

Use temporaty directory for easy removing and creating of files.

abb9aa4... by Jarno Suni on 2016-12-31

Do not autocomplete PPAs as http://*

5f63cfe... by Jarno Suni on 2016-12-31

Improve regular expression matching, do not use [:space:]

Use [:blank:] instead.

4744e12... by Jarno Suni on 2016-12-21

Add option --figure-soname-bumps to optionally enable old default.

Disable the explicit figuring by default; let apt-get handle
installing soname bumped packages automatically. If the option
is used, do the figuring, and display the list of packages that are
going to be explicitly installed due to (figured) soname bump.

3e937ff... by Jarno Suni on 2016-12-23

Fine-tune bash completions

Do not always complete options, except when the word begins with -.
As for other words, complete only what could be used to avoid long

Do not use "command" with sed. If you were paranoid, you would use
it with compgen and complete, too, but it is not usually done.

b51c9e1... by Jarno Suni on 2016-12-22

Instead of matching all components, match only distribution name.

If source distribution name is given, purge repository only, if
the distribution name matches.

The previous approach of matching all components is tricky: The
first component in deb line is actually source distribution name
and it should be treated differently. If there is a deb line
containing many components, specifying one in command line would
purge all of them (in the respective repository), so removing
only that component in the respective deb line should be done
instead of disabling the whold line. Removing components can be
done relatively easy by other tools, so it was dropped here to
keep it simple.