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c23ed5c... by Aaron

Travis: push master builds to openrct2.org as well

57347d5... by Aaron

Start v0.2.3+ [ci skip]

ac7a1eb... by Aaron

Release v0.2.3.

- Feature: [#485] Rides can now be simulated with ghost trains during construction.
- Feature: [#1260] Option for making giant screenshots have a transparent background.
- Feature: [#2339] Find local servers automatically when fetching servers.
- Feature: [#7296] Allow assigning a keyboard shortcut for the scenery picker.
- Feature: [#8029] Add the Hungarian Forint (HUF) to the list of available currencies.
- Feature: [#8481] Multi-threaded rendering.
- Feature: [#8558] Guest debugging tab.
- Feature: [#8659] Banner and sign texts are now shown in tooltips.
- Feature: [#8687] New multiplayer toolbar icon showing network status with reconnect option.
- Feature: [#8791] Improved tile element flag manipulation in Tile Inspector.
- Feature: [#8919] Allow setting ride price from console.
- Feature: [#8963] Add missing Czech letters to sprite font, use sprite font for Czech.
- Feature: [#9154] Change map toolbar icon with current viewport rotation.
- Change: [#7877] Files are now sorted in logical rather than dictionary order.
- Change: [#8427] Ghost elements now show up as white on the mini-map.
- Change: [#8688] Move common actions from debug menu into cheats menu.
- Change: [#9428] Increase maximum height of the Hypercoaster to RCT1 limits.
- Fix: [#2294] Clients crashing the server with invalid object selection.
- Fix: [#4568, #5896] Incorrect fences removed when building a tracked ride through
- Fix: [#5103] OpenGL: ride track preview not rendered.
- Fix: [#5889] Giant screenshot does not work while using OpenGL renderer.
- Fix: [#5579] Network desync immediately after connecting.
- Fix: [#5893] Looking at guest window tabs other than the main tab eventually causes assertion.
- Fix: [#5905] Urban Park merry-go-round has entrance and exit swapped (original bug).
- Fix: [#6006] Objects higher than 6 metres are considered trees (original bug).
- Fix: [#7039] Map window not rendering properly when using OpenGL.
- Fix: [#7045] Theme window's colour pickers not drawn properly on OpenGL.
- Fix: [#7323] Tunnel entrances not rendering in 'highlight path issues' mode if they have benches inside.
- Fix: [#7729] Money Input Prompt breaks on certain values.
- Fix: [#7884] Unfinished preserved rides can be demolished with quick demolish.
- Fix: [#7913] RCT1/RCT2 title sequence timing is off.
- Fix: [#7700, #8079, #8969] Crash when unloading buggy custom rides.
- Fix: [#7829] Rotated information kiosk can cause 'unreachable' messages.
- Fix: [#7878] Scroll shortcut keys ignore SHIFT/CTRL/ALT modifiers.
- Fix: [#8219] Faulty folder recreation in "save" folder.
- Fix: [#8480, #8535] Crash when mirroring track design.
- Fix: [#8507] Incorrect change in vehicle rolling direction.
- Fix: [#8537] Imported RCT1 rides/shops are all numbered 1.
- Fix: [#8553] Scenery removal tool removes fences and paths while paused.
- Fix: [#8598] Taking screenshots fails with some park names.
- Fix: [#8602] Wall piece collision detection deviates from vanilla
- Fix: [#8649] Setting date does not work in multiplayer.
- Fix: [#8873] Potential crash when placing footpaths.
- Fix: [#8882] Submarine Ride does not count as indoors (original bug).
- Fix: [#8900] Peep tracking is not synchronized.
- Fix: [#8909] Potential crash when invoking game actions as server.
- Fix: [#8947] Detection of AVX2 support.
- Fix: [#8988] Character sprite lookup noticeably slows down drawing.
- Fix: [#9000] Show correct error message if not enough money available.
- Fix: [#9067] Land/water tools show prices when money is disabled.
- Fix: [#9124] Disconnected clients can crash the server.
- Fix: [#9132] System file browser cannot open SV4 files.
- Fix: [#9152] Spectators can modify ride colours.
- Fix: [#9202] Artefacts show when changing ride type as client or using in-game console.
- Fix: [#9240] Crash when passing directory instead of save file.
- Fix: [#9245] Headless servers apply Discord Rich Presence.
- Fix: [#9293] Issue with the native load/save dialog.
- Fix: [#9322] Peep crashing the game trying to find a ride to look at.
- Fix: [#9324] Crash trying to remove invalid footpath scenery.
- Fix: [#9402] Ad campaigns disappear when you save and load the game.
- Fix: [#9411] Ad campaigns end too soon.
- Fix: [#9476] Running `simulate` command on park yields `Completed: (null)`.
- Fix: [#9520] Time Twister object artdec29 conversion problem.
- Fix: Guests eating popcorn are drawn as if they're eating pizza.
- Fix: The arbitrary ride type and vehicle dropdown lists are ordered case-sensitively.
- Improved: [#6116] Expose colour scheme for track elements in the tile inspector.
- Improved: Allow the use of numpad enter key for console and chat.

934042d... by Aaron

Merge branch 'develop'

b7b846c... by OpenRCT2 git bot <email address hidden>

Merge Localisation/master into OpenRCT2/develop.

b973d51... by Michael Steenbeek

Remove fix for feature introduced after 0.2.2 [ci skip]

8ff0cf9... by Michael Steenbeek

Update objects to 1.0.11 (#9529)

a7f8960... by =?utf-8?b?zrZlaCBNYXR0?= <email address hidden>

Fix #9498: Only close the most recent window when using the hotkey (#9504)

e149722... by =?utf-8?b?zrZlaCBNYXR0?= <email address hidden>

Fix #9467: Crash when windows create new window when being closed (#9470)

7703774... by muemart <email address hidden>

Correctly determine size of wchar arrays (#9490)