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5bdc2f5... by Michael Steenbeek

First leg of import

521cee6... by Michael Steenbeek

Split TileElement and RCT12TileElement

2e32f5e... by Michael Steenbeek

Rename rct_tile_element to TileElement

215ea7e... by Michael Steenbeek

Merge pull request #8053 from Gymnasiast/path-part-2

Port the rest of the path functions; general tile element cleanup

5f4cca3... by Michael Steenbeek

Remove rest of access to footpath edges

d89c3d9... by Michael Steenbeek

Replace calls to get path edges

This replaces most calls/direct access to the footpath edges (i.e. the orthogonal directions, not the corners). This includes places where the whole byte was retrieved, but only compared against orthogonal directions.

7c38ce6... by Michael Steenbeek

Merge pull request #8189 from Gymnasiast/path-part-2b

Port most path stuff to new standard

84145a2... by Michael Steenbeek

Fix very misleading use of tileElement->type in a union

It was a sprite, accessed as if it was a tileElement. Neither the method nor the resulting code made any sense.

1d214c0... by Michael Steenbeek

Replace type comparisons with GetType()

This function is a bit odd, as it implicitly also checked if the rotation was 0. I assume this is a bug and it was only intended to check for type.

1dce29b... by Michael Steenbeek

Replace two more usages of type