Last commit made on 2018-10-02
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f2c3fdd... by Ted John <email address hidden>

Update en-GB.txt

Make the casing of 'open custom content folder' consistent with the other menu items on the toolbox.

52c5fda... by Krutonium <email address hidden>

Add GitLab as login method to Gitter

1e381bd... by OpenRCT2 git bot <email address hidden>

Merge Localisation/master into OpenRCT2/develop.

2ccc183... by Michael Steenbeek

Merge pull request #8023 from Gymnasiast/enteruuuuh

Port entrance and banner index to new structure

3738cda... by Michael Steenbeek

Make CIs happy

fa67883... by Michael Steenbeek

Fix crash and address most line notes

f8483b4... by Michael Steenbeek

Fix formatting

ce13d1b... by Michael Steenbeek

Fix tests

3b7fc4c... by Michael Steenbeek

Port rest of banner functions

d01b21a... by Michael Steenbeek

Port banner index