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1bad063... by =?utf-8?q?Micha=C5=82_Janiszewski?= <email address hidden>

Add -static-libstdc++ switch

27ebb2e... by =?utf-8?q?Micha=C5=82_Janiszewski?= <email address hidden>

Disable arg alignment on platforms without SSE2 on by default

This is to overcome a bug in GCC
which means we cannot force argument alignment. Luckily, the attribute
is only required on machines with SSE2 by default (where in particular
libx11 is compiled with SSE2) such as Arch. On the other hand, platforms
that target i386 *only*, such as Ubuntu, won't hit this (#986) and the
attribute is not necessary

e7b58f6... by =?utf-8?q?Micha=C5=82_Janiszewski?= <email address hidden>

Use newer ubuntu image

756edf8... by =?utf-8?q?Micha=C5=82_Janiszewski?= <email address hidden>

Append to CXXFLAGS, not prepend

5c25aa7... by =?utf-8?q?Micha=C5=82_Janiszewski?= <email address hidden>

Include yaml-cpp in compilation of openloco

5a22671... by =?utf-8?q?Micha=C5=82_Janiszewski?= <email address hidden>

Fix compilation of yaml-cpp

31ae1fd... by =?utf-8?q?Micha=C5=82_Janiszewski?= <email address hidden>

Add yaml-cpp

5c2c000... by Duncan <email address hidden>

Implement cargo distance payment cost (#1215)

* Implement cargo distance payment cost

* Fix calc and add names

* Remove checker code

5852290... by Duncan <email address hidden>

Fix #1236. Incorrect capacity for cargo (#1239)

* Fix #1236. Incorrect capacity for cargo

Mistake made with size of value caused reading past the end of the buffer

* Update changelog

9d201c3... by Duncan <email address hidden>

Implement sub_48963F (#1205)