Last commit made on 2018-02-17
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50a2097... by janisozaur

Name fn_404e8c as get_num_dsound_devices

Sound is not implemented yet, so just return 0.

48aa52e... by Marijn van der Werf <email address hidden>

Call proper event for tooltip

7833ec5... by Ted John <email address hidden>

Update version to 18.02.2

f0cf22b... by janisozaur

Mark OpenLoco as explicitly C++ project for CMake

90795bf... by Ted John <email address hidden>

Define git info for version.cpp

3e75def... by Ted John <email address hidden>

Show correct version in stdout

b68e78f... by Aaron

Add git branch and short sha1 hash to version info line. (#107)

d2237ea... by Ted John <email address hidden>

Set release date for 18.02 in changelog

2bba3c2... by Aaron

Rename envionment.cpp to environment.cpp (#106)

38721ad... by Aaron

Include Boost dependency in README.md (#105)

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