Last commit made on 2018-01-20
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6345884... by janisozaur

Fix boost filesystem include

f2fcc6b... by Ted John <email address hidden>

Refactor / format code

d1133f7... by Ted John <email address hidden>

Rename register_stdcall to write_jmp

fbe4c85... by Ted John <email address hidden>

Refactor and disable stub hooks for Windows

Also fix memory function hooks.

2707347... by janisozaur

Disable C4505 for hooks.cpp

hooks.cpp may contain temporary stuff, no need to break build

478a333... by janisozaur

Macro-out force_align_arg_pointer attribute for MSVC

bf31c93... by janisozaur

Reorder calling convention macros for MSVC

7661767... by janisozaur

Fix wrong variable name on win32

c8490b8... by janisozaur

Use macros to define STDCALL and CDECL

86ee493... by janisozaur

Remove dirent.h for MSVC