Last commit made on 2018-01-20
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aee6f33... by janisozaur

Add missing include

ff22aa9... by janisozaur


a9cf4ec... by janisozaur

Force frame pointers for interop.cpp to allow optimised builds

96cc2a6... by janisozaur

Add expected section flags

This marks text section as rwx, so we can patch our custom hooks

ade80d5... by janisozaur

Link OpenLoco on Linux using customised linker script

5a04a2e... by janisozaur

Add OpenLoco sections to i386 linker script

be0ff43... by janisozaur

Add more search dirs for OpenSUSE and similar distros

Based on https://github.com/OpenRCT2/OpenRCT2/pull/3530

b85bf9f... by janisozaur

Add vanilla linker script

Based on binutils 2.29.1-2

859d0ce... by janisozaur

Allow linking openloco on Linux with GCC

This creates appropriate sections, but only uses default linker script
for now.

1f37a92... by janisozaur

Fix compilation with GCC on Linux

This fixes compilation only, doesn't let it link just yet