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b653784... by janisozaur

Fix #585: Properly initialise small hook memory

a4e4392... by Aaron

Construction window refactoring (#524)

* Reduce loco_globals in construction window header.

* Move uncommon track and road piece code to construction tab.

* Fix shadowing in disableTrackSlopes.

* Removing references to 'construction' namespace within the namespace itself.

06ca5cf... by Aaron

Optionally disable AI companies entirely (#569)

b6ceeee... by Duncan <email address hidden>

Vehicle Superclass V2 (#577)

* Implement the new iterator

* Provide some helper functions

* Remove constexpr as cannot be constructed constexpr

610d5d1... by Svelbeard <email address hidden>

Fix #573: Crash caused by opening Road construction window (#578)

* Fix #573: Crash caused by opening Road constructino window a second time with the station tab active

* Refactor to use window widgets

* Fix bug causing selected tiles to be incorrect for diagonal track

* Actually Fix incorrect selection tiles for diagonal track

cc72380... by Svelbeard <email address hidden>

Map Window (#556)

* Initial Setup

* Implement onMouseUp

* Implement centerOnViewPoint

* Implement onResize and drawTabs

* Implement draw function

* Implement onClose and event18

* Work on drawScroll

* Further work on drawScroll

* Finish drawScroll

* Fix for CI

* Minor Refactor

* Fix industry name not being drawn in industry tab

* Change colour of ships on map to make more viewable

* Implement requested changes

* Fixes for CI

* Fix for CI

* Add extra braces to std arrays for xcode

* Fix viewport moving to wrong location

* refactor viewportCentreOnTile

* Fix incorrect types

* Fix for CI

7122db2... by Peter Gaal <email address hidden>

implement 0x004C8898 (#574)

static void verticalFollow(ui::window* const w, ui::widget_t* const widget, const widget_index widgetIndex, const size_t scrollIndex, const int16_t deltaY)

8bdadd6... by Duncan <email address hidden>

Merge pull request #348 from marijnvdwerf/19-05/scroll-events

Implement scroll events

0dd9b79... by duncanspumpkin <email address hidden>

Minor cleanup and hook scroll 10 function

Rename variables and general tidyup

Move functions around further

Use consistent naming and constants

Use const where possible. Simplify if

Simply scrollAreaOffset code

cc3d1dc... by Marijn van der Werf <email address hidden>

Implement horizontal scrolling