Last commit made on 2021-03-05
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7fbba84... by =?utf-8?q?Micha=C5=82_Janiszewski?= <email address hidden>

Change registers to intptr_t to allow 64-bit compilation

a7aa970... by =?utf-8?q?Micha=C5=82_Janiszewski?= <email address hidden>

Use __has_include for <optional> detection

73be2f7... by =?utf-8?q?Micha=C5=82_Janiszewski?= <email address hidden>

Test with NORMAL_OPTIONAL for xcode

0c188fd... by =?utf-8?q?Micha=C5=82_Janiszewski?= <email address hidden>

Add experimantal macos 64-bit CI job

7de9f02... by =?utf-8?q?Micha=C5=82_Janiszewski?= <email address hidden>

Ensure struct sizes are only checked in 32-bit mode

9d3d221... by =?utf-8?q?Micha=C5=82_Janiszewski?= <email address hidden>

Update calling attributes for 64-bit compilation

28d3b74... by =?utf-8?q?Micha=C5=82_Janiszewski?= <email address hidden>

Add DISABLE_LOCO cmake option

f37ac75... by =?utf-8?q?Micha=C5=82_Janiszewski?= <email address hidden>

Wrap int-to-pointer casts into a macro

580605e... by =?utf-8?q?Micha=C5=82_Janiszewski?= <email address hidden>

Wrap pointer-to-int32 casts into macro

d05b492... by YetiWiz <email address hidden>

Disable scenery interaction when hidden and update flag names (#787)