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98f6b76... by =?utf-8?q?Micha=C5=82_Janiszewski?= <email address hidden>

Fix wrong tab being enabled in ScenarioOptions

936a379... by =?utf-8?q?Micha=C5=82_Janiszewski?= <email address hidden>

Only write town history when using valid index (#992)

GCC10-based mingw complained about possibly writing to index -1

18b24c7... by =?utf-8?q?Micha=C5=82_Janiszewski?= <email address hidden>

Exit cleanly in all conditions through common path (#994)

* Exit cleanly in all conditions through common path

* Free allocated strings upon exit

4d58d91... by =?utf-8?q?Micha=C5=82_Janiszewski?= <email address hidden>

Retry hook installation (#993)

* Add more logging in case of errors

* Retry hook installation, as it can fail in some circumstances

This can happen on some versions of wine which would fail on
WriteProcessMemory calls with specific addresses. Skipping to next entry
works just fine.

* Add change log entry for hook reinstallation

4e03c48... by =?utf-8?q?Micha=C5=82_Janiszewski?= <email address hidden>

Fix memcpy size in Rename{Town,Industry} (#995)

This would cause reading one more byte than present in source buffer

46aa213... by =?utf-8?q?Micha=C5=82_Janiszewski?= <email address hidden>

Config: reduce packing to vanilla config struct only (#991)

e2be89f... by =?utf-8?q?Micha=C5=82_Janiszewski?= <email address hidden>

Add cstdlib include to TrackData.h for size_t (#989)

92543a0... by Duncan <email address hidden>

Update changelog for #986 (#988)

c762c82... by Duncan <email address hidden>

Enforce coding style on object files (#987)

31fb6a5... by Duncan <email address hidden>

Merge pull request #921 from IntelOrca/implement/load