Last commit made on 2018-02-08
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50329fe... by janisozaur

Mark variables static

c2a6590... by janisozaur

Mark openloco memory management functions as [[maybe_unused]]

2ebddb4... by janisozaur

Restore openloco memory management functions

a6ee59e... by janisozaur

Expand the reach of warning-disabling pragma

dcbbd48... by janisozaur

Hide register_no_win32_hooks in builds that don't use it

4ed956e... by janisozaur

Restore the warning-disabling pragma for MSVC

004ee33... by janisozaur

Initialise potentially uninitialised pointer

67c98d7... by janisozaur

Fix sign comparison

025398b... by janisozaur

Remove unused variables, mark some as [[maybe_unused]]

6e06be0... by janisozaur

Remove unused functions