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1265. By James Hunt

* contrib/utils/initctl2dot.py: Removed stray debug line.

1264. By James Hunt

* contrib/bash_completion/upstart: Updated for new initctl show-config
* contrib/utils/init-checkconf.sh: Added '-i' option to specify path to
  init daemon (for test builds). Ensure conf file exists.
* contrib/utils/initctl2dot.py: Updated for changed initctl show-config output.
* util/Makefile.am: Added missing initctl.h to initctl_SOURCES.
* util/initctl.c:
  - New functions to handle new check-config command.
    - check_config_action: Handler for new check-config command-line
    - ignored_events_setter(): handler for '--ignore-events' command-line
      option for check-config command.
    - eval_expr_tree(): Evaluate expression tree.
    - check_condition(): High-level function to handle checking start
      on/stop on conditions.
    - tree_filter(): Used for filtering expression tree nodes.
    - display_check_errors():
  - Removed ENSURE_ROOT() macros since this would conflict with user
* util/initctl.h:
  - New macros:
    - GET_JOB_NAME(): Determine if specified token refers to a job and
      return it if true.
    - IS_INIT_EVEN(): Determine if specified event is an internally
      generated event.
    - MAKE_EXPR_NODE(): Create an ExprNode object.
    - MAKE_JOB_CONDITION(): Create a JobCondition object.
  - New types required for check-config command:
    - CheckConfigData
    - JobCondition
    - ConditionHandlerData
    - ExprNode
* util/man/initctl.8:
  - Updated for show-config section showing new "--enumerate" format output.
  - Added section for check-config command.
* util/tests/test_initctl.c:
  - START_UPSTART(): Improved test to ensure Upstart has actually
  - STOP_UPSTART(): Improved test to ensure Upstart has actually
  - test_show_config(): Updated for new show-config --enumerate syntax.
  - test_check_config(): New function to test check-config command.

1263. By James Hunt

* contrib/utils/init-check.sh renamed to init-checkconf.sh.
* contrib/utils/initct2dot.py:
  - updated to call "initctl show-config"
  - Added options to allow specification of all colo(u)rs.
  - Added a '--restrict-to-jobs' option to allow a sub-set of all jobs
    to be viewed (along with their associated jobs and events).
  - Code refactored.
* init/main.c:
  - Added new options '--startup-event' and '--no-startup-event'.
* init/man/init.8: Updated for "initctl show-status".
* util/initctl.c:
  - Reworked code so that rather than utilizing existing 'list' and
    'status' commands, we now have a new command: 'show-status'. This is
    more logical since it is obvious what it is doing and it also
    doesn't pollute the dynamic data returned by 'status' and 'list' with
    purely static info.
  - upstart_open(): Improved dbus_bus_type usage (now only default to
    system bus).
  - show_config_action(): New function to handle 'show-config' command.
  - job_class_parse_events(): Fixed uninitialized variable issue and
    removed IS_JOB() macro in favour of the ultimately reliable
    IS_JOB_EVENT() macro.
* util/initctl.h: Only enable stack debugging if DEBUG_STACK defined.
  This ensures that "make check" doesn't fail due to stack DEBUG output.
* util/man/initctl.8: Updated for new 'show-config' command.
* util/tests/test_initctl.c:
  - Improved START_UPSTART() and STOP_UPSTART() macros.
  - Renamed test_status_and_list_action_detail() to
    test_show_config_action() to reflect the new command under test.
  - test_show_config_action(): Removed all (now-redundant) tests calling
    "initctl status" and "initctl list" and updated for new 'show-config'

1262. By James Hunt

* contrib/bash_completion/upstart: Update for job visualisation.

1261. By James Hunt

* contrib/utils/init-check.sh: Script to determine if the
  specified job configuration file (located outside of /etc/init/)
  is valid or not.

1260. By James Hunt

* contrib/utils/initctl2dot.py: Simply Python script to convert new initctl
  output to GraphViz dot format. Example usage:
    initctl2dot.py > upstart.dot && dot -Tpng -o upstart.png upstart.dot
* dbus/upstart.h: Whitespace fix.
* init/control.c:
  - control_handle_bus_type(): New function to allow selection of
    session bus via env var "UPSTART_USE_SESSION_BUS" (for testing).
  - control_bus_open(): Connect to either D-Bus system bus or session bus.
* init/control.h: New define for USE_SESSION_BUS_ENV.
* init/man/init.8: Update for --confdir and --session.
* init/main.c:
  - Addition of --session and --confdir command-line option (required for
    test framework to test changes to initctl).
  - handle_confdir(): New function to select alternate confdir using env
    var "UPSTART_CONFDIR" (for testing).
* init/paths.h:
  - Renamed CONDIR to DEFAULT_CONFDIR to make its use clearer now it can be changed.
  - Added define for CONFDIR_ENV.
* util/initctl.c:
  - Addition of --session command-line option (required for test framework to test
    visualisation changes to initctl).
  - Changed 'system_bus' variable to 'use_dbus' since now we can use either D-Bus bus type.
  - Added 'dbus_bus_type' which encodes D-Bus bus type to use.
  - Added 'verbose_detail' and 'enumerate_events' variables to
  - Created new functions:
    - job_class_condition_handler(): Handler function to retrieve job conditions.
    - job_class_condition_err_handler(): Handler error function for
    - job_class_parse_events(): Convert RPN "start on" and "stop on" conditions to
      human-readable format.
    - job_class_show_emits(): Display events which job emits.
    - job_class_show_conditions(): Make D-Bus calls to retrieve "start on" and
      "stop on" conditions.
    - dbus_bus_type_setter(): Used by option parser to distinguish system/session
      D-Bus bus type.
  - Updated upstart_open() to handle multiple D-Bus bus types.
  - Changed following functions to error with message if initctl run as
    non-root user (without this, you get a very cryptic D-Bus error):
    - start_action()
    - stop_action()
    - restart_action()
    - reload_configuration_action()
    - log_priority_action()
  - status_action() and list_action() modified to call:
    - job_class_show_emits()
    - job_class_show_conditions()
* util/initctl.h: New file providing stack-handling functionality for RPN parsing.
* util/initctl.8: Updated for --session, and --detail/-d and
  --enumerate/-e options to status and list commands.
* util/tests/test_initctl.c:
    These are required since due to the changes in initctl.c, we
    actually need to run the initctl binary directly (as that is where all
    the emits/start on/stop on parsing occurs). The test stategy adopted is to run
    (a second instance of! :-) Upstart as a non-privileged user
    connected to the session bus and using an alternate config
    directory. Then, by invoking initctl, again connecting to the session
    bus, we test the parsing functionality directly.
  - test_status_and_list_action_detail(): New function to test '-d' and
    '-e' options for status and list commands.
  - updated all remaining functions to use 'use_dbus' rather than 'system_bus'.

1259. By Petr Lautrbach

* init/job_process.c (job_process_termianted): Don't rewind the
utmp file between updates.
* init/tests/test_job_process.c (test_utmp): Add test case for
newer mingetty behaviour.

1258. By Scott James Remnant (Canonical)

* contrib/bash_completion/upstart: Add bash completion script.
* contrib/Makefile.am (EXTRA_DIST): Include in tarball.
* NEWS: Update.

1257. By Scott James Remnant (Canonical)

* NEWS: update.

1256. By Petr Lautrbach

* init/job_process.c (job_process_terminated): On termination of
a job, update the utmp file replacing any existing entry for that
pid with a DEAD_PROCESS entry; likewise append an entry to wtmp.
* init/tests/test_job_process.c (test_utmp): Test utmp handling.

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