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1544. By James Hunt on 2013-12-02

* init/job.c: job_deserialise(): Handle downgrade scenario as best
  we can rather than forcing a stateless re-exec.
* init/process.c: process_deserialise_all(): Handle downgrade scenario
  as best we can (fixes a bug where downgrading could cause an assertion
* init/process.h: Comments for ProcessType (which must be kept
  in order).
* init/tests/test_job_process.c: test_run():
  - Rename test:
      "full double-fork daemon test where parent waits for ultimate child"
    to the following for clarity:
      "with daemon where parent waits for ultimate child before exiting"
  - Check if PR_SET_CHILD_SUBREAPER available and skip if not.
  - Pass --final-action to test_damon to make it SIGSTOP.
  - Improved waitid() return check.
* test/test_daemon.c:
  - Added --final-action option to allow final behaviour to be set
* test/test_util_common.c: Reverted whitespace changes at reviewers

1543. By James Hunt on 2013-11-28

* init/tests/data/upstart-1.12.json: New test data file.
* test/test_daemon.c: New test utility.
* init/Makefile.am: Add "upstart-1.12.json".
* init/job.c:
  - Updated copyright.
  - job_deserialise(): Generalise logic to handle missing pids when
    upgrading from a version that does not support PROCESS_SECURITY and
* init/job_process.c: Copyright and comments.
* init/process.c:
  - process_name(): Added PROCESS_DAEMON_PARENT for completeness.
  - process_from_name(): Added PROCESS_DAEMON_PARENT for completeness.
  - process_deserialise_all(): Generalise logic to handle missing pids
    when upgrading from a version that does not support PROCESS_SECURITY and
  - process_type_enum_to_str(): Added PROCESS_DAEMON_PARENT for completeness.
  - process_type_str_to_enum(): Added PROCESS_DAEMON_PARENT for completeness.
* init/tests/test_job_process.c:
  - test_run(): Added new test that makes use of test_daemon.c:
    - "full double-fork daemon test where parent waits for ultimate child".
  - test_spawn(): Remove temp files.
  - test_kill(): Extra checks.
  - test_handler(): Remove erroneous UPSTART_LOGDIR code - not used by this test.
* init/tests/test_state.c:
  - test_job_environ_upgrade(): Add additional checks to ensure that
    json not containing PROCESS_DAEMON_PARENT elements correctly deserialises
    into empty elements.
  - test_daemon_parent_state(): New test that checks a data file containing
    jobs with and without PROCESS_DAEMON_PARENTS can be deserialised.
* test/Makefile.am: Updated for test_daemon.
* test/test_util_common.c:
  - _start_upstart(): Set Session Init name to "test_init" for
    consistency with TEST_DBUS() and to make it easier to distinguish from a
    legitimate Session Init.
  - get_test_daemon_binary(): New function.
  - file_line_count(): New function.
* test/test_util_common.h: TIMED_BLOCK(): New utility macro.

1542. By James Hunt on 2013-11-27

* Sync with lp:upstart.

1541. By James Hunt on 2013-11-04

* init/job_process.c: job_process_terminated():
  - Ensure no state change occurs for EXPECT_DAEMON unless the daemon
    has forked appropriately.
  - Added back inadvertantly-dropped variable.

1540. By Steve Langasek on 2013-10-03

Initial test case for exit tracking

1539. By Steve Langasek on 2012-02-29

Strawman proposal to fix bug #530779 without cgroups

1538. By James Hunt on 2013-10-02

* test/test_util_common.c:
  - set_upstart_session(): Call get_initctl_binary() rather than using
    define value.
  - get_initctl(): As above.
  - get_initctl_binary(): Check that file exists for parity with

1537. By James Hunt on 2013-10-01

* extra/upstart-file-bridge.c:
  - upstart_job_added(): Make quieter in manner consistent with other
    bridges (only display output in debug mode).
  - upstart_job_removed(): As above.

1536. By James Hunt on 2013-10-01

* init/job_process.c:job_process_jobs_running(): Removed unused

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