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193. By James Hunt on 2013-08-17

debian/src/sysv-rc/sbin/invoke-rc.d: Call 'initctl reload-configuration'
to work reliably on systems with broken inotify.

192. By Adam Conrad on 2013-06-04

* Exit the ondemand script silently if we are on a system that has
  the Android LXC container upstart job installed, assuming Android
  will deal with CPU frequency scaling itself, so we don't have to.
* Remove old N7 device-specific tweaks for the interactive governor.

191. By Steve Langasek on 2013-05-28

debian/src/sysv-rc/sbin/invoke-rc.d: tweak behavior of invoke-rc.d when
a package has an upstart job without a corresponding init script, and
we're running on a non-upstart system, *butpolicy-rc.d says to not
take the action. In this case, we want to exit zero instead of
non-zero, as this is an important use case when setting up Ubuntu in a

190. By Steve Langasek on 2013-05-17

* Merge from Debian unstable:
  - fixes typo in /lib/init/vars.sh. LP: #1146047.
* Remaining changes:
  - Remove various initscripts (and an ifupdown hook) that have been
    replaced by upstart jobs shipped in other packages.
  - debian/sysvinit-utils.links: Compat symlink from /usr/bin/service to
  - If /var/run/init.upgraded exists, call telinit u before unmounting
    the root filesystem.
  - Support Cell processor:
    + debian/initscripts.postinst: Create spu system group and /spu mount
      point if we are running on a Cell processor.
    + debian/control: Add initscripts dependency 'passwd' for groupadd.
  - debian/patches/91_sulogin_lockedpw.dpatch: Disable "root account is
    locked" warning, since this is the default in Ubuntu. Document this in
  - debian/patches/92_sulogin_support_static_sh.patch: add support for
    /bin/static-sh as fallback if the regular shell fails to execute
  - debian/control: Drop Essential: yes from packages since we use Upstart.
  - debian/control: Do not build the sysvinit binary package any more. It
    conflicts with upstart, which is required, so it is uninstallable.
  - remove debian/postinst: this is supposed to go into the sysvinit
    package in Debian, but we don't ship that.
  - debian/control: sysvinit-utils recommends the upstart that provides
    the reload action
  - Mark all binary packages as Multi-Arch: foreign to allow for upstart
    to be installable with multi-arch (needed for armhf containers on x86)
  - Add a versioned depends to initscripts of mountall (>= 2.28), since
    everything else depends on initscripts for /run and the boot-time
    implementation is in mountall for us.
  - Drop /etc/default/tmpfs, and drop mention of it from
  - Added debian/src/initscripts/etc/init.d/ondemand: Sleep for 60 seconds,
    then set CPU Frequency Scaling governor to "ondemand" (or to
    "interactive" on systems that support it).
  - Remove mention of RAMLOCK, RAMSHM, and RAMTMP from the rcS(5) manual
  - When /dev/shm and /run/shm are both directories (not mounts), make
    /dev/shm a symlink to /run/shm.
  - d/service/service: Use 'stop/start' instead of passing restart
    directly through to upstart.
  - d/service/service.8: Document handling of upstart jobs.
  - Fix documentation for other things handled by mountall instead of
    initscripts: tmpfs, /sys (mountall lets you specify options in
    /etc/fstab), and ASYNCMOUNTNFS.
  - debian/src/initscripts/etc/init.d/sendsigs:
    + sendsigs: OMITPIDS needs to be reinitalized for every loop iteration
      before concatenating pids of upstart jobs to it.
    + only omit jobs that are in the 'start' goal or that are in state
      'stop/killed'. Those that are destined for 'stop' are waited on and
      killed like all other processes.
    + make report_unkillable use apport instead of echoing to console; but
      disable this reporting by default.
    + wait up to 300 extra seconds for upstart jobs that have been killed.
  - debian/src/sysv-rc/sbin/invoke-rc.d: replace RUNLEVEL with
* Changes included in Debian:
  - debian/initscripts/etc/init.d/umountnfs.sh: emit upstart event
  - debian/src/initscripts/etc/init.d/sendsigs: handle the possibility of
    upstart jobs being started after the script starts running.
* Dropped changes:
  - /lib/init/rw symlink to /run no longer needed, everything should now
    be using /run directly.
  - debian/src/initscripts/etc/init.d/umountroot: /run migration was
    completed before 12.04 LTS, this delta can now be dropped.
    LP: #1097321.
  - debian/initscripts.postinst: drop bypassing of motd.tail handling,
    which is no longer used in Debian.
  - Disable bootlogd by default: this is now a separate package not
    installed by default, no delta needed.
  - clean up /run/motd on upgrades: pre-LTS cleanup that is no longer
  - Removing RAM* settings from /etc/default/rcS: these are no longer
    present in the Debian version of the file either.
  - Skip /var/run, /var/lock when unmounting filesystems: no longer needed,
    these will always be mounted under /run now which is already handled.
  - Upgrade handling for insserv-broken shutdown sequences: this was
    pre-LTS cleanup.
* Fix initial generation of /run/motd.dynamic to conform to update-motd
  usage in pam_motd.
* Drop new /etc/init.d/motd script, which is redundant with update-motd.
* Relax Breaks: on old upstart to not trigger on the precise version, which
  doesn't have the incompatibility.
* Adjust Breaks from initscripts on ifupdown; Ubuntu has had ifquery for a
  long time.
* Revert migration of UTC setting from /etc/default/rcS to /etc/adjtime,
  dropping the corresponding Breaks: on util-linux.
* Drop Breaks on console-setup, not needed because Ubuntu never had
  console-setup 1.73.
* Drop Breaks on live-build, which *supports* /lib/init/rw as a mountpoint
  but does not use it.
* Ignore change to make /etc/mtab a symlink (mostly happens automatically
  because we aren't using the initscripts rcS scripts). This should be
  done only once /run/mount/utab works correctly (bug #702935).
* Drop debian/initscripts.NEWS, which documents only Debian-specific
  changes that don't apply in Ubuntu.
* Drop bind-mount handling on upgrade of initscripts. The upstream
  refactoring means these functions have moved to a shell library that we
  don't otherwise care about shipping, and this is only relevant for
  pre-12.04 upgrades but the postinst doesn't include a version guard; so
  just delete this redundant code.
* Fix wrong auto-upgrading of /etc/default/rcS to a conffile. We should
  not store a copy of the old one if we know it's not user-modified, and
  we should *not* generate this in the preinst, but instead trust dpkg to
  install it.
* Revert forced migration to dependency-based booting; this can only be
  done once all upstart-job-using packages in Ubuntu have been rebuilt
  with a newer debhelper that retains init scripts, otherwise insserv
  has insufficient information and will mangle the shutdown order.
* Don't duplicate the /etc/default/rcS conffile with a template in the
  preinst; unmodified files should just be removed, and created
  automatically by dpkg.
* Properly clean up bootlogd conffiles on upgrade using dpkg-maintscript,
  instead of leaving them orphaned on the filesystem when the bootlogd
  package is not installed.
* On upgrade, recognize Ubuntu-specific md5sums of unmodified
  /etc/default/rcS files.

189. By Steve Langasek on 2013-05-17

releasing version 2.88dsf-41ubuntu1

188. By Steve Langasek on 2013-05-17

Document bug closure

187. By Steve Langasek on 2013-05-17

Document bug closure

186. By Steve Langasek on 2013-05-17

Document bug closure

185. By Steve Langasek on 2013-05-17

Document bug closure

184. By Steve Langasek on 2013-05-17

Document bug closure

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