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1202. By James Henstridge on 2006-10-03

merge from jhbuild.cvs

1201. By James Henstridge on 2006-07-21

fix iter_output()

1200. By James Henstridge on 2006-07-03

Forgot to save changelog last time

1199. By James Henstridge on 2006-07-03

2006-07-03 James Henstridge <email address hidden>

 * jhbuild/utils/cmds.py (iter_output): refactor body of
 pprint_output as a generator.

1198. By James Henstridge on 2006-07-03

2006-07-03 James Henstridge <email address hidden>

 * jhbuild/frontends/terminal.py (TerminalBuildScript.execute):
 make ComandError message a bit nicer when the command is passed as
 an argument list.

 * modulesets/freedesktop.modules: remove xorg.freedesktop.org
 module definition, since it isn't being used anymore.

1197. By James Henstridge on 2006-07-02

2006-07-02 James Henstridge <email address hidden>

 * modulesets/freedesktop.modules (RenderProto, libXrender, libXft):
 switch to GIT repositories.

1196. By James Henstridge on 2006-07-02

merge from jhbuild.cvs

1195. By James Henstridge on 2006-06-26

Small change to my config file

1194. By James Henstridge on 2006-06-23

merge from jhbuild.cvs

1193. By James Henstridge on 2006-06-23

2006-06-23 James Henstridge <email address hidden>

 * modulesets/gnome-2.10.modules (pango):
 * modulesets/gnome-2.12.modules (pango):
 * modulesets/gnome-2.14.modules (pango):
 * modulesets/gtk.modules (pango):
 * modulesets/gtk28.modules (pango): same here.

 * modulesets/gnome-2.16.modules (pango): depend on libXft rather
 than Xft.

 * modulesets/freedesktop.modules (RenderProto, libXrender, libXft):
 use the versions from the xorg repository. Remove the obsolete
 old xlibs/xserver/xapps module definitions. Addresses bug #345281.

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