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8252381... by James Henstridge on 2017-06-30

snap: update logic to pick which app from the snap to launch.

Previously, the first app reported by snapd would be launched. We now
favour apps with desktop files, and will favour an app whose name
matches the snap name (i.e. the "main" app) over others.

388081f... by Iain Lane on 2017-04-04

details: Show an in-app notification when passed an invalid file or URL

Previously there was no feedback when gnome-software was fed a bad URL
on the commandline - show a message.

a2e73e8... by Robert Ancell on 2016-11-07

Hide Kudo details since we don't have good data

13ed5cb... by Robert Ancell on 2016-03-30

Sort snaps before other apps

2d4252b... by Robert Ancell on 2016-11-07

Download changelog information on demand - this stops the UI blocking on startup

1281577... by Robert Ancell on 2016-03-28

Hide licence, updated and category fields if they aren't set

0671f2d... by Iain Lane on 2017-01-23

Construct the "Software Sources" menu item dynamically

If we have software-properties-gtk, we'll launch that. In that case,
call the menu item "Software & Updates", since that more accurately
reflects what it does.

4572e7a... by Richard Hughes on 2017-06-22

Release version 3.25.3

66c137c... by Richard Hughes on 2017-06-22

Only tokenize the search string once

This is partially for efficiency, and also so we can return for an invalid
search before we even create any thread.

Original patch by Iain Lane <email address hidden>, many thanks.

29b4b48... by Richard Hughes on 2017-06-22

flatpak: Automatically install icon themes and GTK themes when required

This installs the current session themes as flatpak extensionswhen any ref that
relates to a theme is installed or updated.