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abda9b1... by James Henstridge on 2017-06-23

Display a warning for non-sandboxed snap packages.

85b947e... by Robert Ancell on 2017-05-25

snap: Install classic snaps

38e0ad9... by jimmac on 2017-07-10

style: hover state for license button

- emphasize the buttonness of the license button
  by defining its hover state.

73a631a... by jimmac on 2017-07-10

style: make license buttons buttons

- but keep the color code

8772b6c... by jimmac on 2017-07-10

Revert "Use standard GTK CSS button styles for the license buttons"

This reverts commit af35dd29ccf7094aa062f045f59cdc53fe846d5a.

849fcd7... by Richard Hughes on 2017-07-10

Make the moderator panel easier to use

Hide the application when there are no more apps to moderate.

a12b272... by Richard Hughes on 2017-07-10

flatpak: Ensure the object ID is used when loading a flatpakrepo file

2f3989b... by Richard Hughes on 2017-07-10

lib: Respect the per-user or per-system install preferences

The root cause of this was that were were failing to actually use the polkit
functionality as a config.h define was missing. This meant that all installs
were forced to user-installs and a only tiny warning was added to the verbose
logs in early startup.

3dde266... by Richard Hughes on 2017-07-10

trivial: Fix a warning when compiling with buildtype=debugoptimized

39b2c55... by Iain Lane on 2017-07-10

PackageKit: Don't show installed packages when searching provides

The rationale is that something requested to see providers because they
don't have the right thing installed, so showing results that are
installed isn't helpful - they're likely to be false positives.