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Proposed by James Page
Status: Superseded
Proposed branch: lp:~james-page/britney/ovs-2.11.0-0ubuntu2
Merge into: lp:britney
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7 files modified
adconrad (+29/-0)
apw (+40/-0)
laney (+52/-0)
pitti (+43/-0)
sil2100 (+11/-0)
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To merge this branch: bzr merge lp:~james-page/britney/ovs-2.11.0-0ubuntu2
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Ubuntu Package Archive Administrators Pending
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This proposal has been superseded by a proposal from 2019-04-08.

Description of the change

Update openvswitch version for i386 build failure

Update bug reference - hopefully we'll have a fix soon!

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Unmerged revisions

3643. By James Page

Bump OVS version of i386 test failure, update bug reference

3642. By Adam Conrad

Drop Qt hints.

3641. By Adam Conrad

Hint Qt a little harder.

3640. By Adam Conrad

badtest kdelibs4support/5.56.0-0ubuntu2/s390x for now

3639. By Adam Conrad

Let qtbase-opensource-src/5.12.2+dfsg-2 in

3638. By Steve Langasek

bump python-scipy/amd64

3637. By Steve Langasek

more linux skiptests

3636. By Steve Langasek

more linux skiptests

3635. By Steve Langasek

more linux skiptests

3634. By Steve Langasek

badtest vuls

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1=== added file 'adconrad'
2--- adconrad 1970-01-01 00:00:00 +0000
3+++ adconrad 2019-04-08 08:46:23 +0000
4@@ -0,0 +1,29 @@
5+# Regressed in release pocket:
6+force-badtest mash/2.0-2/armhf
7+force-badtest node-platform/1.3.5-1/s390x
8+force-badtest node-yargs/10.0.3-2
9+# These tests fail now that s390x provides isolation-machine:
10+force-badtest dahdi-linux/all/s390x
11+# Depends on x86-only libngs-java
12+force-badtest beagle/all/armhf beagle/all/ppc64el beagle/all/s390x
13+force-badtest fastqc/all/armhf fastqc/all/ppc64el fastqc/all/s390x
14+# Depends on stuff no longer built:
15+force-badtest libcatmandu-store-mongodb-perl/all/i386
16+force-badtest roary/all/armhf roary/all/s390x
17+force-badtest pbgenomicconsensus/all/i386
18+# Not built on i386, the test might not work:
19+force-badtest pbh5tools/all/i386
20+# Mysteriously passed once, and never again:
21+force-badtest vagrant-libvirt/0.0.45-2/amd64 vagrant-libvirt/0.0.45-2/s390x
22+# debootstrap's tests are a flaming heap in containers:
23+force-badtest debootstrap/all/s390x
24+# fails only on lxc hosts
25+force-badtest sbuild/all/armhf
26+# The libreoffice failures are clearly not kio's fault:
27+force-skiptest kio/5.53.0-0ubuntu1
28+# Upstream ticket filed:
29+force-badtest postgresql-hll/2.12-3
30+# A (new) test skipped during build fails on autopkgtest, fixing in next upload:
31+force-badtest glibc/2.29-0ubuntu1
32+# Beta unblocks:
33+unblock ukui-greeter/1.1.8-0ubuntu1
35=== added file 'apw'
36--- apw 1970-01-01 00:00:00 +0000
37+++ apw 2019-04-08 08:46:23 +0000
38@@ -0,0 +1,40 @@
39+# While copying kernels forward from xenial it rather too easy for linux
40+# to slip out without the testing being fully reviewed. As britney is not
41+# able to track previous failures correctly for kernels.
42+#block linux
43+#block linux-raspi2
44+block linux-oem
45+#block linux-aws
46+#block linux-azure
47+#block linux-gcp
48+#block linux-kvm
50+# Development kernel unblocks:
51+#unblock linux/4.18.0-11.12
52+#unblock linux-raspi2/4.18.0-1010.12
53+unblock linux-oem/4.15.0-1034.39
54+#unblock linux-aws/4.18.0-1011.13
55+#unblock linux-azure/4.18.0-1013.13
56+#unblock linux-gcp/4.18.0-1007.8
57+#unblock linux-kvm/4.18.0-1008.8
59+# linux-raspi on arm64 fails in such a way that it is not identified as a failure. Therefore
60+# the tests never complete and the package can never migrate. skiptest this once the armhf
61+# testing is complete and good.
62+force-skiptest linux-meta-raspi2/
65+# arm* removed in zesty-proposed hint in-progress tests against them.
66+force-badtest sunpy/all/armhf
68+# python-pysam does not (and never has) built on armhf and i386
69+force-badtest python-pysam/all/armhf python-pysam/all/i386
71+# 14-feb-2017: armhf test non-installable
72+force-badtest python-cobra/all/armhf
74+# linux-gcp/armhf -- does not even build here, so tests here cannot be relevant
75+force-badtest linux-gcp/all/armhf
77+# Skip an unrelated linux/s390x test failure.
78+force-skiptest gcc-7/7.3.0-29ubuntu1
80=== added file 'arges'
81=== added file 'brian-murray'
82=== added file 'freeze'
83=== added file 'laney'
84--- laney 1970-01-01 00:00:00 +0000
85+++ laney 2019-04-08 08:46:23 +0000
86@@ -0,0 +1,52 @@
87+# firewalld regression which is nothing to do with gtk
88+force-skiptest gtk+3.0/3.24.7-1ubuntu1
90+# systemd/arm64..
91+force-skiptest gdm3/3.32.0-1ubuntu1
93+# remaining failures (sbd/x86, systemd/arm64) are not glib2.0's fault
94+# 11/03 13:23:51 <Laney> xnox: yo, so I was just looking at systemd/arm64
95+# 11/03 13:24:03 <Laney> the boot-and-services seems flaky wrt gdm3 and test_no_options
96+# 11/03 13:24:43 <Laney> test_no_options looks for the kernel commandline in the journal but I think that's hidden by "Missed 50 kernel messages"
97+# 11/03 13:25:14 <Laney> which is "journal can't keep up with messages", not normal journald rate limiting afaics
98+# 11/03 13:31:12 <Laney> not sure about gdm3; guess: much slower to start up than the other things being tested, and the test is run "too early"?
99+force-skiptest glib2.0/2.60.0-1
101+# systemd failures, not the fault of dnsmasq (systemd is very flaky on arm64)
102+force-skiptest dnsmasq/2.80-1ubuntu1
104+# systemd has its common remaining service type of failure in boot smoke test
105+# not gnutls28's fault
106+force-skiptest gnutls28/3.6.5-2ubuntu1
108+# apport is failing, not gtk's fault
109+force-skiptest gtk+3.0/3.24.2-2ubuntu2
111+# seems broken in release & for a while
112+force-badtest gerris/20131206+dfsg-18build2/armhf
114+# ditto, not leaks but something to do with SVGs
115+force-badtest php-imagick/3.4.3~rc2-2ubuntu6
117+# isolation-machine, needs thunderbird which isn't available
118+force-badtest firejail/all/s390x
120+# passed once by fluke on armhf it seems
122+force-badtest ostree/all/armhf
124+# mongo isn't built for armhf/i386 any more
125+force-badtest flask-mongoengine/all/i386
126+force-badtest mongodb/all/i386
127+force-badtest flask-mongoengine/all/armhf
128+force-badtest mongodb/all/armhf
130+# FTBFS, no package on this arch, unclear how it passed(!)
131+force-badtest python-fitsio/all/armhf
133+# Field3D only supports Ogawa-backed files on little-endian systems.
134+force-badtest field3d/all/s390x
136+# bad test which fails if the test runner can't reach the public Internet.
137+# LP: #1427982
138+force-badtest libtest-requiresinternet-perl/0.05-2
140=== added file 'pitti'
141--- pitti 1970-01-01 00:00:00 +0000
142+++ pitti 2019-04-08 08:46:23 +0000
143@@ -0,0 +1,43 @@
144+# new PEP-8 errors with zesty's newer pep8 tool; don't bump!
145+force-badtest rpmlint/1.9-6
147+# segfaults on 32 bit
148+force-badtest baloo-kf5/all/i386 baloo-kf5/all/armhf
150+# started failing with move to lxd on armhf
151+force-badtest pbuilder/all/armhf
154+# blacklisted for test runs as they kill testbeds
157+force-badtest stress-ng/blacklisted/ppc64el
160+# flaky, universe, nobody cares in Ubuntu
163+force-badtest beets/all/s390x
164+# times out
165+force-badtest c2esp/all/armhf
166+force-badtest elasticsearch-curator/5.2.0-1
167+# takes painfully long, times out on armhf, testing on x86 is enough
168+force-badtest epson-inkjet-printer-escpr/all/armhf
169+force-badtest gjs/all/s390x
170+force-badtest libcgi-application-plugin-captcha-perl/0.04-2
171+# flaky on s390x, alwaysfail on others
172+force-badtest palabos/s390x/all
173+force-badtest pdns/all
174+force-badtest pbsuite/all/i386
175+force-badtest php-horde-http/2.1.7-3
176+force-badtest php-horde-icalendar/all/armhf php-horde-icalendar/all/i386
177+force-badtest python-publicsuffix/1.1.0-2
178+force-badtest pyzmq/all/s390x pyzmq/all/armhf
179+force-badtest rexical/1.0.5-2build1
180+force-badtest ruby-amq-protocol/all/s390x
181+force-badtest ruby-augeas/1:0.5.0-3build6
182+# Debian #816161
183+force-badtest ruby-minitest-excludes/2.0.0-1
184+force-badtest ruby-mixlib-shellout/2.2.6-1
185+force-badtest ruby-sshkit/all/s390x
186+force-badtest zodb/1:3.10.7-1build1/ppc64el zodb/1:3.10.7-1build1/s390x
188=== added file 'racb'
189=== added file 'raof'
190=== added file 'sil2100'
191--- sil2100 1970-01-01 00:00:00 +0000
192+++ sil2100 2019-04-08 08:46:23 +0000
193@@ -0,0 +1,11 @@
194+# Some more R badtests that are failing, some of which basically from the start
195+force-badtest r-cran-memoise/1.1.0-2/armhf
197+# Temporarily badtest the current release puppet as now it's failing due to a deprecation warning printed out to stderr. This is fixed in the -proposed puppet but that one still needs some work to be migrate-able.
198+force-badtest puppet/5.4.0-2ubuntu3
200+# Regressed in release, FP precision errors (LP: #1813904)
201+force-badtest xtensor/0.10.11-1/i386
203+# virtualbox stopped providing its binary package on i386, on which the ext-pack tests depend on.
204+force-badtest virtualbox-ext-pack/all/i386
206=== added file 'stefanor'
207=== added file 'stgraber'
208=== added file 'tjaalton'
209=== added file 'ubuntu-release'
210--- ubuntu-release 1970-01-01 00:00:00 +0000
211+++ ubuntu-release 2019-04-08 08:46:23 +0000
212@@ -0,0 +1,261 @@
213+# ported from vorlon
214+force-badtest aptdaemon/1.1.1+bzr982-0ubuntu20 aptdaemon/1.1.1+bzr982-0ubuntu21
216+# passed previously in containers, now fails everywhere
217+force-badtest ruby-fakeweb/1.3.0+git20170806+dfsg1-1
219+# regressed in release
220+force-badtest adequate/0.15.1ubuntu5
221+force-badtest apt-clone/0.4.1ubuntu2
222+force-badtest colord/1.4.3-4/i386
223+force-badtest colord/1.4.3-4
224+## arch-specific loop device raciness we don't yet understand
225+force-badtest cloud-utils/0.31-0ubuntu1/ppc64el
226+force-badtest ddcci-driver-linux/0.3.2-1/s390x
227+force-badtest debci/1.14 debci/1.15.1 debci/2.0
228+force-badtest diaspora-installer/
229+force-badtest fdroidserver/1.1.1-1ubuntu1
230+force-badtest fuse-zip/0.5.0-1/arm64
231+force-badtest git-lfs/2.6.1-3
232+force-badtest hello/2.10-1ubuntu1
233+force-badtest libdevel-size-perl/0.82-1build1/armhf
234+force-badtest libfile-userconfig-perl/0.06-4/i386
235+force-badtest libterm-filter-perl/0.03-2/arm64 libterm-filter-perl/0.03-2/i386
236+force-badtest libtest-valgrind-perl/1.19-1/ppc64el
237+force-badtest node-gulp-coffee/2.3.4-1/arm64
238+force-badtest lua-nvim/0.1.0-1-1
239+force-badtest octave-image/2.10.0-2/amd64 octave-image/2.10.0-2/i386 octave-image/2.10.0-2/ppc64el
240+force-badtest pdb2pqr/2.1.1+dfsg-4build1
241+force-badtest php-horde-exception/2.0.8-2ubuntu1
242+force-badtest php-horde-util/2.5.8-1ubuntu1
243+force-badtest php-horde-serialize/2.0.5-3ubuntu1
244+force-badtest php-horde-support/2.2.0-1ubuntu1
245+force-badtest php-horde-view/2.0.6-3ubuntu1
246+force-badtest php-pimple/3.0.2-2ubuntu1
247+force-badtest php-text-password/1.2.1-2
248+force-badtest profnet/1.0.22-6
249+force-badtest python-h5netcdf/0.5.0-1
250+force-badtest qbzr/0.23.2-6/ppc64el qbzr/0.23.2-6/s390x
251+force-badtest r-cran-maxlik/1.3-4-4/amd64
252+force-badtest ruby-encryptor/3.0.0-2
253+force-badtest ruby-handlebars-assets/2:0.23.2+dfsg-2
254+force-badtest ruby-jquery-rails/4.3.3-1
255+force-badtest ruby-rails-assets-blueimp-gallery/2.33.0-1
256+force-badtest ruby-rails-assets-diaspora-jsxc/0.1.5+dfsg2~develop.7-3
257+force-badtest ruby-rspec-puppet/2.6.1-1
258+force-badtest sbd/1.3.1-4/amd64
259+force-badtest sextractor/2.19.5+dfsg-6/amd64
260+force-badtest sfepy/2018.1-4ubuntu1/armhf
261+force-badtest starjava-ttools/3.1.5-1/i386
262+force-badtest svgpp/1.2.3+dfsg1-6/s390x
264+force-badtest twisted/18.9.0-3
265+force-badtest ubuntu-image/1.6+19.04ubuntu1
266+force-badtest vagrant-lxc/1.4.3-1/amd64
267+force-badtest vuls/0.6.1-1
268+force-badtest yorick/2.2.04+dfsg1-10
270+# skip tests that fail now that s390x has full VMs
271+force-badtest vagrant-lxc/1.4.3-1/s390x
272+force-badtest python-docker/3.4.1-4/s390x
273+force-badtest libdata-uuid-libuuid-perl/0.05-3build2/s390x
274+# Was skipped in lxc, never passed in a vm, questionable usefulness on s390x/ppc64el given it tests usb camera...
275+force-badtest gvfs/all/s390x
277+# flaky due to dependency on network resources
278+force-badtest vagrant-mutate/1.2.0-4/armhf
280+# Only "passed" because of an exit 0 on 32-bits, now fails to install test deps:
281+force-badtest zfs-linux/all/i386 zfs-linux/all/armhf
283+# tests broken with proxy
284+force-badtest golang-github-hashicorp-atlas-go/0.0~git20170808.8261ea0-3
285+force-badtest ruby-webmock/3.4.2-1
287+# primer3 builds binary-all package but binary-arch package removed on architecture
288+force-badtest primer3/2.4.0-2/s390x
289+# build binary-all packages but binary-arch package removed on architecture
290+force-badtest barrnap/all/i386
291+force-badtest camitk/all/armhf camitk/all/arm64 camitk/all/ppc64el camitk/all/s390x
292+force-badtest freecad/all/arm64
293+force-badtest roary/all/i386
294+force-badtest shark/all/armhf shark/all/i386
296+# flaky
297+force-badtest bdfproxy/0.3.9-3/amd64
298+force-badtest jsurf-alggeo/0.4.1+ds-2
299+force-badtest saods9/8.0.1+repack-2/arm64 saods9/8.0.1+repack-2/amd64
300+## races the launch of an X window
301+force-badtest xmobar/0.29.4-2
303+# passed once as a fluke
304+force-badtest barrnap/0.9+dfsg-1/armhf
305+force-badtest dask.distributed/1.25.0+ds.1-1/s390x
306+force-badtest libgd2/2.2.5-5/amd64 libgd2/2.2.5-5.1/amd64
307+force-badtest node-axios/0.17.1+dfsg-1/armhf
308+force-badtest makedumpfile/1:1.6.5-1ubuntu1/s390x
310+# architectures not available; tests never should have passed
311+force-badtest nanopolish/all/arm64 nanopolish/all/armhf nanopolish/all/ppc64el nanopolish/all/s390x
313+# superseded by python-ldap
314+force-badtest python-pyldap/all
316+# this is seemingly always-failed from the history we can see but is reporting
317+# regression at least on patch. Hint this until it is investigated.
318+force-badtest nvidia-graphics-drivers-340/all/armhf
320+# fails to start if it cannot bind to [::]:53, which conflicts with systemd-resolved; LP: #1764327
321+force-badtest gdnsd/2.4.0-1
323+# only doc package on these archs
324+force-badtest julia/all/i386
325+force-badtest pyfai/all/ppc64el pyfai/all/s390x
326+force-badtest pymca/all/ppc64el pymca/all/s390x
327+force-badtest kicad/all/ppc64el
329+# binaries removed on arch
330+force-badtest trnascan-se/all/arm64 trnascan-se/all/armhf trnascan-se/all/ppc64el trnascan-se/all/s390x
331+force-badtest gudhi/all/arm64
333+# assumes /etc/init.d/networking
334+force-badtest pcs/0.10.1-2
336+# flaky / test timeouts
337+force-badtest mercurial/4.8.2-1ubuntu3/arm64
339+# Custom kernels can never pass tests, as the right meta is not
340+# included, and some of these may not even run in scalingstack These
341+# are therefore false-regressions, as triggered by e.g. pciutils -- xnox
342+force-badtest linux-aws/all
343+force-badtest linux-azure/all
344+force-badtest linux-azure-edge/all
345+force-badtest linux-euclid/all
346+force-badtest linux-gcp/all
347+force-badtest linux-gke/all
348+force-badtest linux-hwe/all
349+force-badtest linux-hwe-edge/all
350+force-badtest linux-oem/all
352+# regressed in release due to missing python deps and changed transitive dependencies
353+force-badtest snapcraft/2.43.1+18.10
355+# Odd_Bloke: tests don't compile in release pocket, filed
356+force-badtest xtensor-python/0.12.4-1
358+# Was skipped in lxc, never passed in a vm, not supported on big-endian
360+force-badtest ocfs2-tools/1.8.5-7/s390x ocfs2-tools/1.8.5-7build1/s390x
362+# unsatisfiable test dep, should be ignored
363+force-badtest racket-mode/all/s390x
365+# previous pass is from a version no longer in release pocket due to removal
366+force-badtest python-bayespy/0.5.17-1 python-bayespy/0.5.18-1
368+# test failure not reproducible locally or in Debian; not worth blocking on
369+force-badtest ack/2.24-1
371+# bad proxy handling, how did this ever pass?
372+force-badtest r10k/2.6.3-1 r10k/3.1.0-1
374+# was already broken but silently passing; failure now exposed thanks to the maintainer
375+force-badtest python-asdf/2.3.2-2/s390x
377+# Test is flaky on all arches, it's a miracle it passed once:
378+force-badtest pglogical/2.2.1-4
380+# New 2.x tests fail on armhf due to slow I/O
381+force-badtest pgbackrest/2.10-1/armhf
383+# depends on ANAIS sagemath
384+force-badtest sagetex/all/armhf
386+# new test exposing existing breakage
387+force-badtest dijitso/2018.1.1~git1-1/armhf
389+# depends on desktop components no longer built on s390x
390+force-badtest ubuntu-make/all/s390x
392+# arch:all package adds test dep on unavailable package
393+force-badtest libmongodb-perl/all/s390x
394+force-badtest python-pbcommand/all/armhf python-pbcommand/all/i386 python-pbcommand/all/s390x
396+# unsatisfiable indirect test dep on r-cran-v8, not available on these archs
397+force-badtest r-cran-rnexml/2.3.0-1/arm64 r-cran-rnexml/2.3.0-1/s390x
398+# test was previously skippable, now it fails with uninstallables because this package is x86-only
399+force-badtest beignet/all/arm64 beignet/all/armhf beignet/all/ppc64el beignet/all/s390x
401+# bad tests in new version; mwhudson knows
402+force-badtest python-scipy/1.1.0-2/i386 python-scipy/1.2.1-0ubuntu1/i386
403+# regressed on amd64 somewhere along the line
404+force-badtest python-scipy/1.1.0-2/amd64 python-scipy/1.2.1-0ubuntu3/amd64
406+# broken by infra; remove badtest asap - LP: #1813244
407+force-badtest openvswitch/2.11.0~git20190214.a8a67726e-0ubuntu1/i386 openvswitch/2.11.0-0ubuntu2/i386
409+# test breaks with new clisp, but not reproducible locally
410+force-badtest cl-asdf/2:3.3.2-1/armhf
411+force-badtest cl-unicode/20180328-2/i386
413+# sil2100: the ubuntu-image armhf tests are failing due to some issues with mkfs.ext4 on that arch, in-progress, hard to debug. No sense in blocking migrations (LP: #1740840)
414+force-badtest ubuntu-image/1.6+19.04ubuntu1/armhf
416+# never worked, was wrongly skipped before autopkgtest was upgraded.
417+force-badtest openjdk-8/8u212-b01-1
419+# The "failure" is a progression in precision:
420+force-badtest cminpack/1.3.6-4
422+# kernel testing issues:
423+# known to be test issues
424+force-badtest linux/4.19.0-13.14
425+# i386 failing anew test
426+force-badtest linux/5.0.0-7.8/i386 linux/5.0.0-8.9/i386
427+# apparmor testing failure
428+force-skiptest gcc-7/7.4.0-8ubuntu1 gcc-8/8.3.0-4ubuntu1
430+# tries to connect to the network
431+force-badtest gap-io/4.5.4+ds-3
433+# the whole test suite is horrible and flaky and blocks swaths of updates
434+force-badtest jekyll/3.8.3+dfsg-3 jekyll/3.8.3+dfsg-3.1 jekyll/3.8.3+dfsg-4
436+# bad tests assume legacy eth0 as default interface; Debian bug #895342
437+force-badtest suricata/1:4.1.2-2ubuntu1
439+# broken by removal of r-cran-lwgeom
440+force-badtest r-cran-sf/0.7-2+dfsg-1
442+# something changed with loop device handling
443+force-badtest systemd/240-6ubuntu3/ppc64el
444+# gdm3 subtest is flaky
445+force-badtest systemd/240-6ubuntu3/arm64
447+# broken with nodejs 10; this is a segfault in nodejs but only this package is broken and only on i386 so don't block the world for it.
448+force-badtest node-yarnpkg/1.13.0-1build1/i386
450+# binaries removed on i386
451+force-badtest virtualbox/all/i386
453+# badly-mocked test of Xen detection
454+force-badtest salt/2018.3.4~git20180207+dfsg1-1/ppc64el salt/2018.3.4~git20180207+dfsg1-1/s390x
456+# flaky/racy test that fails 5 out of 6 times on ppc64el; someone needs to fix this
457+force-badtest network-manager/1.16.0-0ubuntu1/ppc64el network-manager/1.16.0-0ubuntu2/ppc64el
459+# picard-tools is now is arch-specific and builds only amd64
460+force-badtest picard-tools/all/i386
462+# now failing with timeouts
463+force-badtest haveged/1.9.1-6/armhf haveged/1.9.1-6ubuntu1/armhf
465+# previously had no meaningful tests; test now fails because of an operation that's not allowed in containers. Debian bug #923156
466+force-badtest keyutils/1.6-5/armhf
468+# KalmanFilter gives wrong results on armhf (LP: #1819227)
469+force-badtest statsmodels/0.8.0-9/armhf
471+# cifs fails to mount with SMB3.11 and guest access
472+# kernel 5.0 regression, patch available (LP: #1821053)
473+force-badtest autofs/5.1.2-4ubuntu2
475=== added file 'ubuntu-sru'
476=== added file 'vorlon'
477--- vorlon 1970-01-01 00:00:00 +0000
478+++ vorlon 2019-04-08 08:46:23 +0000
479@@ -0,0 +1,70 @@
480+# per apw the linux autopkgtest failures should be ignored
481+force-skiptest gcc-8/8.3.0-5ubuntu1 lsb/10.2019031300ubuntu1 openssl/1.1.1b-1ubuntu2
483+force-badtest gist/all/armhf gist/all/s390x
484+force-badtest ruby-parallel/all/armhf ruby-parallel/all/s390x ruby-ferret/all/armhf
486+# regressed with move to kvm
487+force-badtest coz-profiler/0.1.0-2
489+# ANAIS
490+force-badtest ruby-mongo/all/i386
492+# regressed in release
493+force-badtest ruby-httpclient/2.8.3-1ubuntu1
494+force-badtest ghub-plus-el/0.3-2/s390x
495+force-badtest node-sinon-chai/2.10.0-1
496+force-badtest libcoap/4.1.2-1/s390x
497+force-badtest zodb/1:3.10.7-1build1/amd64 zodb/1:3.10.7-1build1/i386
498+force-badtest reel/0.6.1-4
500+# how does someone write a tty-related test so bad that it passes in a container and fails in a VM?
501+force-badtest pinentry/1.1.0-1build2/arm64 pinentry/1.1.0-1build2/s390x pinentry/1.1.0-1build2/i386 pinentry/1.1.0-1build2/amd64
503+# bad test, assumes that architecture has WiFi, urfkill, dhcp. previously it would SKIP on s390x, now it is run in nova-kvm and is treated as a regression rather than an always-failed
504+force-badtest network-manager/all/s390x
506+# passed once as a fluke
507+force-badtest libanyevent-httpd-perl/0.93-5/ppc64el libanyevent-httpd-perl/all/s390x libanyevent-httpd-perl/all/armhf
509+# regressed in release
510+force-badtest libpoe-component-client-dns-perl/1:1.054-1ubuntu1
512+# The only test that is run is a rebuild test because the integration test doesn't work in a container; a kernel build takes 7h on armhf, the max a test is allowed to run on autopkgtest is 2h47m. Blacklist this until further notice.
513+force-badtest linux-raspi2/all linux/all/armhf
515+# pandas no longer available on armhf
516+force-badtest lmfit-py/armhf/all
518+# mongodb-server is not installable on armhf/i386; this tells us nothing of whether the client works
519+force-badtest python-motor/all/armhf python-motor/all/i386
521+# test deps now unsatisfiable because of kde removals
522+force-badtest kopete/all/ppc64el kopete/all/s390x
523+force-badtest libkf5ksieve/all/ppc64el libkf5ksieve/all/s390x
524+force-badtest kf5-kdepim-apps-libs/all/ppc64el kf5-kdepim-apps-libs/all/s390x
525+force-badtest libkf5calendarsupport/all/ppc64el libkf5calendarsupport/all/s390x
526+force-badtest libkf5incidenceeditor/all/ppc64el libkf5incidenceeditor/all/s390x
527+force-badtest libkf5gravatar/all/ppc64el libkf5gravatar/all/s390x
528+force-badtest libkf5mailimporter/all/ppc64el libkf5mailimporter/all/s390x
529+force-badtest akonadi-calendar/all/ppc64el akonadi-calendar/all/s390x
530+force-badtest libkf5eventviews/all/ppc64el libkf5eventviews/all/s390x
531+force-badtest kdepim-addons/all/s390x
532+force-badtest kdepim-runtime/all/ppc64el kdepim-runtime/all/s390x
533+force-badtest parley/all/ppc64el parley/all/s390x
535+# "blacklisted", self-explanatory.
536+force-badtest upstart/blacklisted libnih/blacklisted linux/blacklisted/i386 linux/blacklisted/amd64 linux/blacklisted/ppc64el
537+force-badtest stress-ng/blacklisted
539+# As requested by yofel: testing needed to allow a xenial SRU.
540+force-badtest plasma-framework/all/s390x
542+# bad test, but better to have this package in xenial and unblock things than leave it on the list
543+force-badtest guessit/0.11.0-2
545+# sil2100: unreliable test-suite, we don't care about qt bindings on s390x
546+force-badtest python-qtpy/1.3.1-1build1/s390x
548+# rbalint: arm64 testbed hard-reboots breaking shutdown test LP: #1748280
549+force-badtest unattended-upgrades/all/arm64


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