Merge lp:~jameinel/bzr/2.4-dirstate-invalid-delta-855155 into lp:bzr/2.4

Proposed by John A Meinel
Status: Merged
Approved by: John A Meinel
Approved revision: 6061
Merged at revision: 6078
Proposed branch: lp:~jameinel/bzr/2.4-dirstate-invalid-delta-855155
Merge into: lp:bzr/2.4
Diff against target: 13 lines (+4/-0)
1 file modified
doc/en/release-notes/bzr-2.4.txt (+4/-0)
To merge this branch: bzr merge lp:~jameinel/bzr/2.4-dirstate-invalid-delta-855155
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bzr-core Pending
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Commit message

Add bugfix for bug #855155 to the release notes.

Description of the change

Just a release notes fix.

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1=== modified file 'doc/en/release-notes/bzr-2.4.txt'
2--- doc/en/release-notes/bzr-2.4.txt 2013-05-23 12:06:39 +0000
3+++ doc/en/release-notes/bzr-2.4.txt 2013-05-29 08:13:39 +0000
4@@ -134,6 +134,10 @@
5 * Fixed loading of external merge tools from config to properly decode
6 command-lines which contain embedded quotes. (Gordon Tyler, #828803)
8+* Handle when an uncommit/update tries to add a file to an otherwise empty
9+ directory. The ``Dirstate.update_basis_by_delta`` would end up
10+ incorrectly flagging the delta as invalid. (Brian de Alwis, #855155)
12 * Include declaration of 'changed' to avoid an UnboundLocalError in dirstate
13 pyrex code with new Cython versions. (Denys Duchier, #837221)


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