Code review comment for lp:~jameinel/bzr/1.16-commit-fulltext

John A Meinel (jameinel) wrote :

To give a slightly better summary, and include results for a 'wide' tree, more than just a single large file.

single 90MB file
old no-delta-index commit fulltext
1.9 496MB 5.7s 470MB 5.7s 361MB 5.0s
dev6 590MB 7.4s 457MB 5.8s 216MB 4.0s

initial commit of mysql (140 MB of texts)
1.9 44MB 12.3s 45MB 12.1s 45MB 11.5s
dev6 52MB 16.1s 48MB 15.6s 47MB 14.2s

Getting away from line based is improving speed by ~10% (15.6 => 14.2 = 1.4s),
this is on top of ~10% for not computing the delta index.

The larger the files the more impact, but it does, indeed, have an measurable
effect on initial commit times.

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