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Jake Dahn (jakedahn) wrote :

> Actually now that I look at this again, something seems to not add up.
> If the ami didn't have a "displayName" property, you wouldn't get the error
> you described in the bug. When django has an error in a {{ }} tag, it just
> renders an empty string. This is a django "feature".
> So I suspect the error is coming from somewhere else? Did you have a good
> repro case for this?

As stated in the updated branch description the error was caused by forms.UpdateImageForm being passed into the render block. Removing said form fixed the error.

The placement of displayName inside of the templates was showing up blank when it was empty, which is inconsistent with the rest of the fields (for example description says 'none' when it is blank). The name field shouldn't say 'none' because a user may mistake that for the image name. So in place it now says the ami ID.

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