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0029a23... by Jaap Karssenberg on 2019-02-18

Release 0.69.1

9c3dcc1... by Jaap Karssenberg on 2019-02-18

Extend critical fix update links on move page

Extends fix for #549 for case of floating links anchored within the
moved page tree.

Also rewrote test case and increased test coverage

Cherry-pick commit cb509f831084dc784a81d65198f6a2357c77dd68

Fixes #675

22e2a30... by Jaap Karssenberg on 2019-02-14

Critical fix update links on move page

Fixed logic for updating links from the moved pages and
added test cases.

Fixes #549

Cherry-pick of commit 6fcdd35688edcc0d1f3c68801c6f1f8e8fe47f75

b549a9a... by Jaap Karssenberg on 2018-12-16

Release 0.69

6c42720... by Jaap Karssenberg on 2018-09-24

Performance improvements for indexing large notebooks

Refactoring of the indexers to speed up indexing of large notebooks.
Added script used to generate test notebook in "tools/".
Subtle change in indexing order changes few test cases.

Cherry-picked this fix from the "next" branch commit 1c261757

17f8515... by Jaap Karssenberg on 2018-09-06

Optimize completion for "jump to" dialog

Optimize completion for "jump to" dialog and others.
Limits max completions and uses database query instead of full
notebook walk.

Had to add an extra field to the database to make this efficient,
so notebooks need re-indexing after this patch.

7207eb0... by Jaap Karssenberg on 2018-08-23

Extend script to generate large notebooks

Extended the script to generate large notebooks for testing.
Now supports also random links.

4445e8e... by Jaap Karssenberg on 2018-03-17

Release 0.68

3c4a115... by Jaap Karssenberg on 2018-03-16

Fix regression in pathbar

Regression in commit 505bee194021ed3a0b8cd1c84ed754c4f3fe08a4
for issue #364

16c8c23... by Marek Lewandowski <email address hidden> on 2018-03-10

fix #295 indent in dump_list