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a66477e... by Jaap Karssenberg on 2020-11-24

Update documentation on Gtk theme

Closes #1248

bddc55e... by Jaap Karssenberg on 2020-11-22

Fix bug when deleting a bullet-like sequence

Behavior that deletes bullets after deleting the newline
in front of a bullet was lax in checking whether the
content was actually a line item and a newline was deleted.

Fixes #1328

8d6b4c7... by Jaap Karssenberg on 2020-11-21

Fix interactive search in open notebook dialog

Fixes #1319

c4120f7... by Jaap Karssenberg on 2020-11-19

Release 0.73.4

ff85ba0... by Jaap Karssenberg on 2020-11-19

Fix test failure in testing translations

Failed due to missing "%i" template in translation for
first message id. Since the heuristic is that this is always
"one" valid translations could choose to omit the "%i".

4ab9269... by ihavenomouth <email address hidden> on 2020-11-19

Update gtk download location for windows in README.md

https://www.gtk.org/download/windows.php gives a 404 error

f42f5ba... by Hosein Naghdbishi <email address hidden> on 2020-11-19

Improved grammar in manual page

73e4a33... by Paul Sokolovsky on 2020-11-19

Let versions control plugin initialize git repro to not quote non-ascii paths

By default, git quotes (using octal escapes) non-ascii characters in file
names, e.g. "\320\244\320\260\320\271\320\273.txt". Of course, this makes
life complicated for user of non-Latin scripts who name pages in their
native languages. This behavior can be turned off with
"git config core.quotepath off" config setting, so do that by default
when initializing the repository for notebook.

Fixes: #1104

Signed-off-by: Paul Sokolovsky <email address hidden>

03a4788... by Atlas Sullivan on 2020-11-19

Update markdown extension and mime-type

Used default, github-endorsed extension
Markdown has an official media type as per [RFC7763]

70f7dae... by Jaap Karssenberg on 2020-11-18

Merge translations