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64ee97d... by Jaap Karssenberg on 2021-04-15

Let apply list format remove heading format

Previous behavior allowed inserting a bullet at a heading
resulting in a combination of formatting that is not allowed
in the wiki syntax

42f5ece... by Jaap Karssenberg on 2021-04-15

Let page reload undo in one step

Previous behavior was to show the page being cleared as a separate
step. This can be easily mistaken for a data loss. Instead group
the buffer clear and the insert parsetree as a singel action.

3723f5c... by Jaap Karssenberg on 2021-04-15

Initialize logging in zim.py instead of zim.main

Previous loading of plugin manager was not logged because it
happened before logging was initiated

fixes #648

258a19c... by Jaap Karssenberg on 2021-04-15

Replace custom OrderedDict with python library

Renamed our custom "OrderedDict" class to avoid confusion
and simplified the implementation by basing it on the standard
library version "collections.OrderedDict"

closes #592

851a848... by Trystan Negus <email address hidden> on 2020-12-27

New searchdialog mnemonics

Closes #1336
Closes #1345

2cdfa98... by Jaap Karssenberg on 2021-04-13

Fixup 0a95188646c457cdd1fa2a96d01feb3615dcab88

Fixup to make Travis test pass, "re.escape()" behavior changed
with python version 3.7

0a95188... by Jaap Karssenberg on 2021-04-13

Usability fix for search

Let search set the "find" highlighting in more cases, e.g. when
using "search in section" and set proper input focus when opening the
dialog through "search in section"

Fixes #129
Fixes #130

8a2c81d... by Jaap Karssenberg on 2021-04-11

Update edit bar menus

Split the "format" menu into a "heading" and a "list" menu
and added a seperate menu item to clear formatting to both.
Also updated behavior of list formatting without selection
and made sure selection is kept.

Closes #771

63047e3... by Jaap Karssenberg on 2021-04-11

Add default browser to preferences

Add an option the prefrences to set the default browser.
This due to frequently asked questions show users don't
always find the "open with" menu to change the binding.
Also the "print to browser" plugin does not have an
obvious way to set the browser.

face002... by Jaap Karssenberg on 2021-04-02

Fix copy-pasting links to another notebook

This behavior broke due to having multiple notebooks in a single
process. Fixed intended behavior of pasting links as "interwiki"
links when pasting to a different notebook.