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5c4e067... by Ubuntu <email address hidden> on 2018-11-02

WIP from some time ago

e5131f7... by Dr. Jens Harbott on 2016-10-17

Fix dhclient-script to wait for working lladdr

Right after enabling an interface, the IPv6 lladdr is still marked as
tentative, causing dhclient to fail, if it is started too soon after

Adapt the dhclient-script to wait in that situation.

Co-Authored-By: Scott Moser <email address hidden>

0e8ec27... by Dr. Jens Harbott on 2016-10-17

Do not create bond0 when booting

Add max_bonds=0 as option to the bonding module, so it will not create
bond0 when being loaded. One may still create bond interfaces as/when

73fd7e5... by Dr. Jens Harbott on 2016-10-13

Set default target disk size to 48M

Seems that 32M isn't enough anymore.

67b01ce... by Dr. Jens Harbott on 2016-09-20

Use ping from iputils package in buildroot

ping is lacking features in the busybox version, like proper
fragmentation support `ping -m DO`. So we install the version
from the iputils package, patching the Makefile to only install
ping[46] and nothing else.

53c9aaa... by Dr. Jens Harbott on 2016-09-20

Add tcpdump package

This will allow debugging networking issues with cirros.

6435128... by Dr. Jens Harbott on 2016-09-20

Update modules list

- Remove modules which are no longer available
- Add modules needed for vlan and bonding support

LP: #1605832
LP: #1625210

fca2e10... by Dr. Jens Harbott on 2016-09-19

Add iproute2 package

We need the "ip neigh" command to be available, since "arp" only shows
IPv4 neighbor information.

ff01e4a... by Dr. Jens Harbott on 2016-08-23

Add working DHCPv6 client

Turns out that odhcp6c doesn't work too well, so we replace it with the
dhclient from isc-dhcp, which has been tested successfully.

0770a99... by Scott Moser on 2017-03-24

bin/build-release: cleanup tmpdir for source tarball