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d02f226... by Ian Santopietro

Small typo

dfce1eb... by Ian Santopietro

Finish adding manpage to package

1e959c8... by Ian Santopietro

Add Manpage

85898f3... by Ian Santopietro

Missed a documentation notice.

050409b... by Ian Santopietro

Update documentation

39f7672... by Ian Santopietro

Setup simulate option to silently exit.

We don't want to flat-out remove the command line parameter without potentially
informing scripts. For now, we will print a warning message and silently exit
successfully without taking action. In the future, we will exit with non-zero
status. Following that, we'll remove the option entirely.

65926c4... by Ian Santopietro

Remove Simulate option

This option wasn't really useful because kernelstub still did
things when it was used. It's been official deprecated since
version 2.0 and has been removed from the online and other
documentation already, so this finally removes it from the program.

f839289... by Ian Santopietro

Convert to some fancy new string.format-ing

596ec5b... by Ian Santopietro

Fix runtime issues

a9c9e46... by Ian Santopietro

Get rid of any pylint warnings.