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Merge pull request #24 from isantop/beta

Kernelstub 3.2

The PR releases Kernelstub 3.2 into the stable branch. This new version includes a number of fixes and new features:

* Systemd-boot entry files are now named (nearly) uniquely for each OS, ensuring that parallel installs of the same OS don't conflict with loader entry files. (fixes #23 )
* Adds new, more reliable UUID detection. Thanks @andykitchen (closes #22 )
* Adds new online documentation (manpage)

cb99496... by Ian Santopietro <email address hidden>

Formatting Improvements

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Release with correct timestamp

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Update changelog

8d6ed88... by Ian Santopietro <email address hidden>

Add hostname and UUID to entry.

This ensures that each entry applies strictly to the installation that created it.
Before, if two OSs (possibly of different versions) used kernelstub, whichever one last
had kernelstub run would be the one whose entry was written. This change cleans that up
a bit by writing the hostname and the UUID into the filename of the entry. This ensures
that the entry files are unique to that installation, and provides a human-readable way
to select which installation to boot (if the hostname was changed).

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Merge into uuid-entry-names

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Small typo

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Finish adding manpage to package

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Add Manpage